hugh hefner is alive!

Everybody Relax, Hugh Hefner Is Not Dead, Just The Victim Of The Internet’s Latest Death Hoax

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Stop jumping the gun, people -- because for right now Hugh Hefner is very much alive and healthy.


Kendra Wilkinson Opened Up About Whether She Was Really Having Sex With Hugh Hefner

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Kendra Wilkinson discussed her sex life with Hugh Hefner with her 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here' cast mates.


Let’s Remember Celebs Besides Newman From ‘Seinfeld’ Who’ve Been Falsely Declared Dead By The Internet

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These celebrities seem to be constantly dying according to social media. You're nobody until somebody falsely reports that you're dead.


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What’s on Tonight: Runaway Bride

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Hef's Runaway Bride (Lifetime) -- Hugh Hefner and skittish sugar baby Crystal Harris (right) discuss the sham marriage that didn't happen.

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Hugh Hefner Announces That He Is Still Alive, On Twitter


Fresh on the heels of reports that the Viagra IV line he keeps plugged into his arm at all times is making him go deaf, rumors circulated wildly online last night and this morning that antique erection Hugh Hefner was dead, perhaps of a broken heart.


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The Hollywood Sign

Hollywood Sign Saved By Naked Girls and Cocaine

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It brings tears of joy to my eyes any time that I get to see a group of greed-stricken individuals put their differences aside and work together in the hopes of overthrowing a rival group of greed-stricken individuals.


Hugh Hefner Is Hollywood

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When Hollywood is slated to be burned at the stake, who you gonna call.



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(Hef pickup line: "Does that kitty drink powdered milk.


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Challedon Saltor.

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