#James Franco

James Franco Will Star In An Original Hulu Series Based On Stephen King’s ’11/22/63′

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James Franco starring in a J.J. Abrams series for Hulu about the assassination of JFK? Sounds promising!

#Amy Poehler

Billy Eichner And Julie Klausner Will Star In Amy Poehler’s New Hulu Comedy

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Can "Difficult People" pull off the difficult task of having Billy Eichner yell, but not yell TOO much?


What Does The Death Of The Saturday Morning Cartoon Mean For The Children!?

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When it was announced last week that Saturday morning cartoons would become a thing of the past, I started think about what this means for television as a whole.


UPROXX 20: Larry King Reads Books, Doesn’t Cook, Loves Red Wine And The Dodgers

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Larry King was nice enough to take a few minutes out of his busy schedule recently to answer a few questions from us.


Phase 3, Profit: Five ‘South Park’ Episodes That Sided With The Man

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In light of the recent Hulu Plus news, we should all remember South Park has never shied away from siding with big business.


Judd Apatow Might Be Developing A Comedy For Hulu Starring Gillian Jacobs

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Gillian Jacobs + Judd Apatow + a Hulu series with cussing = Yes, please.


Hulu Ain’t Saving ‘Community.’ Probably. Who Even Really Knows Anymore?

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Hulu has pulled out of talks about producing a sixth season of "Community."


Dan Harmon Updates Us On The Potential Resurrection Of ‘Community’ And He’s Not Optimistic

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Dan Harmon is feeling cynical about the prospects of a 'Community' return, but when is Dan Harmon NOT feeling cynical?

the bridge

One Of Last Summer’s Best, Most Underappreciated Series Arrives On Hulu Today

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The best crime drama on TV begins airing its first season on Hulu today ahead of its June 24th second season premiere.


Hulu Is In Talks To Resurrect ‘Community’ For A Sixth Season

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The dream of six seasons and a movie isn't dead for "Community."


Hulu Will Now Stream The Anime Classic ‘Sailor Moon’ For All To See

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'Sailor Moon' is coming to Hulu. All 200 episodes for you to watch. 200. There's 200 episodes!


Microsoft Might Finally Waive That Xbox Live Requirement For Netflix And Hulu

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The need for a paid Xbox Live membership to use apps like YouTube and Netflix may soon be a thing of the past.


Watch The First Full Episode Of Hulu’s Hilarious New Ghost Comedy ‘Deadbeat’

Promoted by Deadbeat

'Deadbeat' is a surprising hit, and you can see the first episode right here.


6 Of The Best British Comedies On Hulu You Need To Start Watching

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Hulu is a great resource to seek out some amazing British comedies.


So Chipotle — Yes, That Chipotle — Is Making A Comedy Series For Hulu About Exploding Cows

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Chipotle is producing a comedy series for Hulu titled "Farmed and Dangerous" that will push an anti-factory-farming message by blowing up a crapload of cows.


Hulu’s New ‘Community’ Promos Prove Once And For All Hulu Gets ‘Community’ Better Than Its Own Network

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These new and most excellent Greendale testimonial posters prove once and for all Hulu gets Community and its fans.


The ‘Klown’ TV Show is Coming to America


This clip isn't in English, because it really doesn't have to be.


Yahoo! Is Trying To Buy Hulu

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Fresh off of buying Tumblr for $1.1 billion, Yahoo is trying to buy Hulu.

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