Google Will Soon Replace Chinese Factory Worker Slaves With Robots

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Google robots are being looked at to finally make buying your smartphone a bit less guilt-inducing.


An IOC Member Is Pissed At America For Sending ‘Four Lesbians’ To The Olympics

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Italy's Mario Pescante can't believe America would send 'four lesbians' to the Sochi Olympics instead of just letting the media handle the political stuff.


Watch Dennis Rodman Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ To His Best Friend Kim Jong-Un

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Before today's exhibition game between some American basketball players and a North Korean team, Dennis Rodman sang 'Happy Birthday' to Kim Jong-Un.


Jennifer Lopez Performed At A Birthday Party For The 'Repressive' President Of Turkmenistan

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While her people deny that she knew of a history of human rights violations, Jennifer Lopez sang 'Happy Birthday' to the president of Turkmenistan.


Indonesians Are Dying To Help Make Your Tablet. As In Literally.

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Tin is key to building your iPad. And people are literally dying to get it.


Is Cisco Helping The Chinese Kill People?


The Chinese government is not notable for anything resembling respecting human rights, but it's particularly pronounced in their persecution of the members of the Falun Gong movement.

Marijuana Supporters

Five Painfully Annoying Current Countercultures

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I believe it was the fastidious poet, Dee Snider ,who once sang aloud the words, "Oh, we're not gonna' take it any mooooooore".

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