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In Which Hunter S. Thompson Calls Customer Service And Leaves A Voice Message

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Hunter S. Thompson had to deal with customer service just like the rest of us. Except he handled such things a bit...differently.

hunter s. thompson

Hunter S. Thompson’s 9/12/01 ESPN Column Predicted Exactly What Would Happen In The Aftermath Of 9/11

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Was Hunter S. Thompson a psychic, in addition to being a booze and cocaine fiend and a great writer? Possibly!

hunter s. thompson

Hunter S. Thompson’s Daily Drug And Booze Intake

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Ever wondered how many drugs Hunter S. Thompson did? This excerpt of his daily intake from a Thompson biography should give you an idea.

hunter s. thompson

Andy Daly’s Story Of The Time Hunter S. Thompson Threw Him Out Of A Bar Is Pure Gold

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Complete with most excellent Hunter S. Thompson impression that causes Andy to spit on the lens.

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20 Essential Steps To Mastering The Zen-Like Lifestyle Of Bill Murray

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You want to live the happy, relaxed zen-lifestyle of Bill Murray? Ask yourself WWBMD?

hunter s. thompson

Hunter S. Thompson Did Not F*ck Around

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An AP reporter had Hunter S. Thompson's biographer chronicle what Thompson's typical day involved. It was anything but typical.

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Your Daily Crazy: Man Arrested For DUI On Horseback, Possession Of Marijuana & Moonshine

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The great Commonwealth of Kentucky, that alligator-shaped slab of Appalachia and bluegrass, has given us plenty of things like Hunter S.


Movie Review: The Rum Diary

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I review plenty of film adaptations of beloved books, and when I do, I generally try to ignore the book altogether and consider the film on its own merits -- it just seems the best and fairest way to do it.


Watch: Johnny Depp In “The Rum Diary” Movie Trailer

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Johnny Depp is dipping his feet back in the Hunter S.


Trailer for The Rum Diary

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From what we hear, the movie adaptation of Hunter S.


The Rum Diary finally has a release date

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The Johnny Depp-starring adaptation of Hunter S.


Awesome Picture: Hunter Thompson, John Cusack, Johnny Depp & a Blow-Up Doll

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I don't care whether this qualifies as news or not, because it's awesome.


Kitties in sweaters and Hunter S. Thompson letters

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I mainly chose this because "sweater" rhymes with "letter", but still, pretty cute.


Pirates 4 may delay release of Rum Diary, because God hates me

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As if I didn't already have enough reason to hope Jerry Bruckheimer goes missing in some sort of mysterious, CGI-related accident, it now sounds as if Pirates of the Caribbean 4 ("The One No One Wanted") may delay the release of The Rum Diary.


New pictures from Rum Diary

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You know the film industry is screwed up when a finished, Johnny-Depp starring movie adaptation of Hunter Thompson's The Rum Diary sits around waiting for a release date (we know it's finished because it's had test screenings), while the movie version of magic 8-ball and Must Love Queefs (starring Katherine Heigl) get fast tracked.


Hunter Thompson article optioned

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Motion Picture Corporation of America CEO Brad Krevoy just bought the rights to a 2004 Hunter S.


The Rum Diary screens in Orange County

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A few weeks ago, there was some confusion as to the status of the Johnny Depp-starring Rum Diary movie, written and directed by Bruce Robinson, adapted from the Hunter S.


Hey, what’s up with The Rum Diary?

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The Rum Diary is one of those books that if you told me you didn't like, I'd probably cut your lips off and kiss my balls with them.

hunter s. thompson


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We've detailed what happens when you piss off Hunter Thompson here before, but this time we have audio, and being able to hear the good doctor's frenzied half-mumble is really the cherry on the sundae.

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