While You Freeze To Death, Here’s Michelle Jenneke Enjoying A Beautiful Australian Summer

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Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke is enjoying a beautiful summer of bikinis and track medals while everybody in the US freezes to death. Seems fair.

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Let’s Watch An 11-Year Old Running Back Hurdle A Defender


An 11-year old running back hurdled a defender, and the clip is amazing if it isn't a telephone commercial in disguise.


Meet The Cow That Jumps Hurdles In Belgium


An 11-year old Belgian girl taught a cow how to jump hurdles.

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Michelle Jenneke Meets Forever Alone. Pretty Sure I’m The One Forever Alone

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Back in July, With Leather created an Internet maelstrom (or "malestrom") of guys furiously GIFfing and watermarking pictures of Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke.


Surprise! The World Isn’t Reacting Well To Michelle Jenneke

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<a href=""></a>Last week (Jesus, has it only been a week.

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Shocking Site News: We’re Perverts

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I have a shocking and incredible news flash for you – people love attractive female athletes.


More On Michelle Jenneke: Gorgeous Hurdler, Sudden Internet Sensation

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Yesterday afternoon we shared with you the video of <a href="" target="_blank">19-year old Australian track and field star Michelle Jenneke</a> winning the 100m hurdles at the 14th IAAF World Junior Championships in Barcelona, and while that in itself is not necessarily the recipe for viral video success, a beautiful woman go-go dancing before destroying everybody at hurdles is.


Meet Michelle Jenneke, Hottest Hurdler Ever

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IMPORTANT EDIT: If you're seeing this for the first time, make sure to also check out our <a href="" target="_blank">unnecessarily thorough follow-up, featuring GIFs, every picture we could find and some slow motion video</a>.


Morning Links: 134th Place, Are You F**king Kidding Me

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In case you haven't been reading With Leather very closely over the last week (and hey, it happens), we've been doing another fantasy baseball promotion with <a href=""></a>, mostly so I could avenge my 50th-something place finish in the first game.


Hurdle Fail Girls Got A Web Redemption

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<a href="">Tosh.0</a>Tags: <a href=''>Tosh.0 Videos</a>,<a href=''>Daniel Tosh</a>,<a href=''>Web Redemption</a> You probably don't remember those really terrible high school hurdlers from November, but they had a second shot at athletic glory on "Tosh.

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