The iPod Shuffle – Hurricane Chris’ “Playas Rock”

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Hurricane Chris recited sweet nothings in the form of "Halle Berry" to the Louisiana House Chamber.


“Hail Justo! 2K9? – The Best Mixtapes Of 2009

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The streets are Hip-Hop and we're Hip-Hop so the streets belong to us.


TSS Presents Fifteen Minutes With Lil’ Boosie

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Lil' Boosie has been goin’ through some thangs.



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The last time we saw Chris, homie was making quite possibly the most embarrassing move since OJ tried to steal his OWN stuff back.


Nominee For WTF ’09

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Hurricane Chris Performs "Halle Berry" for Louisiana State House Of Representatives I can think of maybe 2 million things more appropriate to do in The House.


Hurricane Chris & Lil Boosie – “Let’s Get Ratchet”

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"Rihanna, I say Rihaaannnaa, Let's get ratchet while you goin' through your drama.


Hurricane Chris & Lil Boosie – “Doin Our Thang”

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Today would be an ideal day to throw out a new track by Hurricane & Boosie.

Yung Joc

Hurricane Chris – “Halle Berry (She’s Fine)” Extended Remix

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Hurricane Chris back one more time with his "Halle" song, this go-round featuring a laundry list of rappers who too lust for Ms.


“Next To You” – Review Of Mike Jones’ The Voice

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Back in 2005, Mike Jones was the talk of the Houston mainstream rap scene.

She's Fine

Hurricane Chris – “Halle Berry” Video

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I don’t want to toot my own horn, but methinks it’s time to get the band ready.

Tum Tum

“Halle Berry.”

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Esquire magazine has come out and officially declared something I’ve known since Boomerang: Halle Berry is the sexiest woman alive.


“Flawless” – Review Of V.I.C.’s Beast

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For those experiencing flu-like symptoms caused from adolescent rappers who dress like extras in Toys "R" Us® commercials, creating synchronized dance telegrams, blame Mr.


Guidelines For The Art Of Freestyle

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This Hurricane Chris freestyle is crazy.

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