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The 14 Most Awesometacular Morning Links


This one should actually be on the list.

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NYC-Based Filmmaker Fulfills Prophesy, Creates Haunting, Vimeo-Hosted Viral Video On Irene

Over the weekend, as Hurricane Irene was bearing down on New York City, Los Angeles-based director and all-around funny person Peter Atencio tweeted the following: "@Vimeo just declared a state of emergency, says a dangerous surge of NYC hurricane DSLR footage set to haunting music is only days away.


A Golden Treasury of Messages To Hurricane Irene On Signs, Buildings, And Newscasts

If you liked our gallery of Hurricane Irene inspired photoshops, get ready to bend over, Abigail Mae, 'cause here comes the gravy pipe.


Weekend Box Office: Hurricane Irene Wins the Excuse Bowl


Hurricane Irene provided a perfect excuse for crappy openings at the box office over the weekend, and in the second-slowest weekend of the year (behind Super Bowl weekend), it surely did have some effect.


The Internet Responds To Hurricane Irene With Typical Class And Grace

Made by @Chrixeleon The internet responded as it always does to the prospect that a huge disaster might happen and then wasn't as large as expected: with photoshops and sarcasm.

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Morning Links: So Hurricane Irene Wasn’t That Bad, I Guess


Links 25 Idiots Who Blamed Hurricane Irene on Gay Marriage - The only gay person responsible for a hurricane is Pat Patterson.


PoV: Hurricane Irene Barrels Into North Carolina


In case you've been avoiding the news for the past week or so, Hurricane Irene has been dominating headlines.


Threat Level Midnight 2: Scarn Vs. Irene

This "Threat Level Midnight" Hurricane Irene path is making its rounds and as much as I'd like to believe the Weather Channel regularly drops awesome Office Easter eggs in their weather mapping, it's actually a photoshopped version of one of the many Weather.com map variations depicting how Hurricane Irene is about to obliterate your family's East Coast beach house.

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