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The 14 Most Awesometacular Morning Links

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This one should actually be on the list.

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NYC-Based Filmmaker Fulfills Prophesy, Creates Haunting, Vimeo-Hosted Viral Video On Irene


Over the weekend, as Hurricane Irene was bearing down on New York City, <a href="http://atencio.tumblr.com/">Los Angeles-based director</a> and all-around <a href="https://twitter.com/#!/Atencio">funny person</a> Peter Atencio tweeted <a href="https://twitter.com/#!/Atencio/status/107182779401371648">the following</a>: "@Vimeo just declared a state of emergency, says a dangerous surge of NYC hurricane DSLR footage set to haunting music is only days away.


A Golden Treasury of Messages To Hurricane Irene On Signs, Buildings, And Newscasts


If you liked our gallery of <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/news/2011/08/the-internet-responds-to-hurricane-irene-with-typical-class-and-grace/#page/1">Hurricane Irene inspired photoshops</a>, get ready to bend over, Abigail Mae, 'cause here comes the gravy pipe.


Weekend Box Office: Hurricane Irene Wins the Excuse Bowl

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Hurricane Irene provided a perfect excuse for crappy openings at the box office over the weekend, and in the second-slowest weekend of the year (behind Super Bowl weekend), it surely did have some effect.


The Internet Responds To Hurricane Irene With Typical Class And Grace


Made by <a href="http://twitter.com/#%21/Chrixeleon/status/107146477993865216/photo/1">@Chrixeleon</a> The internet responded as it always does to the prospect that a huge disaster might happen and then wasn't as large as expected: with photoshops and sarcasm.

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Morning Links: So Hurricane Irene Wasn’t That Bad, I Guess

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Links 25 Idiots Who Blamed Hurricane Irene on Gay Marriage - The only gay person responsible for a hurricane is Pat Patterson.


PoV: Hurricane Irene Barrels Into North Carolina

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In case you've been avoiding the news for the past week or so, Hurricane Irene has been dominating headlines.


Threat Level Midnight 2: Scarn Vs. Irene


<a href="http://theclearlydope.tumblr.com/post/9334366253/clearly-we-have-reached-threat-level-midnight" target="blank">This "Threat Level Midnight" Hurricane Irene path</a> is making its rounds and as much as I'd like to believe the Weather Channel regularly drops awesome Office Easter eggs in their weather mapping, it's actually a photoshopped version of <a href="http://www.weather.com/" target="blank">one of the many Weather.com map variations</a> depicting how Hurricane Irene is about to obliterate your family's East Coast beach house.

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