Real Or Fiction?: The Craziest Animal Hybrids Ever Imagined

By | 10 Comments

Animal hybrids -- real or completely imagined -- are a topic of endless fascination, especially on the internet.


Bulletproof Man/Spider Hybrids? What Could Go Wrong?

By | 2 Comments

We see absolutely nothing wrong with the idea of creating bulletproof skin, aside from the fact that it involves using spider silk and is incredibly creepy.


The New Cadillac Hybrid Is Too Baller Not To Be Embraced By Hip-Hop Artists

By | 3 Comments

Normally, we here at Uproxx leave the car news to sites like Jalopnik, but we love anything that is cool and hip, and the new hybrid convertible Cadillac just unveiled is cool and hip as hell.


260MPG Car Is Actually Stylish?


One thing we'll give the Formula XL1, it's got a look to it.


Chrysler Made a New Type of Hybrid?


Who says American car makers lack innovation, aside from everybody.

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