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So OKCupid’s CEO Turns Out To Have An Ugly Political Past As Well

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OKCupid, it turns out, has a CEO that sits in a glass house when it comes to gay rights.


Jon Stewart Rips Obama A New One Over Drones Hypocrisy

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Last night on the Daily Show Jon Stewart took the president to the proverbial woodshed over a secret memo on drone strikes. BUUUUUURRRRRNNNNN!


Fifty Shades of Grey Porn Adaptation Gets Sued

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The copyright owner of EL James' Fifty Shades of Grey, and Universal, the studio producing the film adaptation, are <a href="" target="_blank">suing</a> the producers of Fifty Shades of Grey: A XXX Adaptation.

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Turns Out The Government Was Using MegaUpload Too


<a href=""></a>We've mentioned before that as the MPAA and RIAA pursue <a href="">a new strategy of shutting down every site that lets you upload a file to the Internet</a>, that a lot of innocent people are going to discover their files held hostage.


Another Day, Another Rabidly Antipiracy Corporation Committing Piracy


<a href=""></a>You might remember Vevo as the people on YouTube who force you to find another version of the music video you want to put on your blog because they always disable embedding.


Right On Cue, Fox News & Sarah Palin Blast The Obama White House Christmas Card

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What you see above is the Obama White House's 2011 Christmas card.

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Jon Stewart Will Not Hesitate To Point Out The Hypocrisy In Your #OWS Criticism


Remember when members of the "tea party" took to the streets in 2009 in what was often termed as a "battle for the soul of our democracy," a grass-roots effort by ordinary Americans to "take out country back" from the evils of "Obamacare".

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Chris Brown May Have A Twitter Direct Message Scandal On His Hands

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How many times have over the past few years have we seen someone -- usually a conservative politician or a prominent preacher -- who bashes gays relentlessly in public eventually exposed as being in the closet themselves.


The News Arm of a Totalitarian State Doesn’t Like Cosplay?

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Look, not to put too fine a point on it, Russia is a scary, scary place politically.

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Pretty Much Everyone Took a Shot at Google Yesterday


Google had to go through what every company goes through when it gets too successful and enough people beholden to it complain: it got dragged before a Senate committee and interrogated about its business practices.

george lucas 1988 speech before congress

1988 George Lucas Was Against 2011 George Lucas Before He Was For Him

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By now you've probably heard the anguished screams of Star Wars fans having their souls raped by George Lucas -- presumably bored and with nothing better to do -- <a href="">continuing to tinker with his beloved cinematic masterpieces</a>.


Can Google Buy Your Love with Free Wi-Fi This Christmas?

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If Google gives you free Wi-Fi on your holiday flight, will you love them again.



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So, apparently there's something called the Candie's Foundation that's all about preventing teen pregnancy, which is sponsored by the shoe company of the same name that makes sexualized ads with young women.



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JoBlo took a break from <a href="" target="_blank">printing fantastical nerd letters</a> and pulled an old Rob Zombie interview that sorta makes him look like an ass.

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