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Everyone Hates Hyundai’s Suicidal ‘Pipe Job’ Ad

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How to sell a car: show a man trying to commit suicide, at least according to Hyundai.


Team (Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial)


Hyundai reminds you of the importance of a strong team in their Super Bowl ad for the 7-passenger Santa Fe.


I Want To Go To There: Trippy ‘Hyper-Matrix’ Moving Wall Goes On Display

By | 6 Comments

The Hyper-Matrix moving wall premiered at the Yeosu EXPO in South Korea. It looks like something out of 'Portal' and blew our minds.


This Car Just Passed The Baboon Test

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At the Knowsley Safari Park outside Liverpool, England, the baboons were given the chance to <a href="">play around with a Hyundai</a> to put its child-proofing to the test.

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