Hyundai’s Crazy Stunt Shows We’re Closer To The Self-Driving Car Than We Think


Hyundai wants you to know that their safety features work. Even if you do insane stunts with them.


Everyone Hates Hyundai’s Suicidal ‘Pipe Job’ Ad

By | 36 Comments

How to sell a car: show a man trying to commit suicide, at least according to Hyundai.


Team (Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial)


Hyundai reminds you of the importance of a strong team in their Super Bowl ad for the 7-passenger Santa Fe.


I Want To Go To There: Trippy ‘Hyper-Matrix’ Moving Wall Goes On Display

By | 6 Comments

The Hyper-Matrix moving wall premiered at the Yeosu EXPO in South Korea. It looks like something out of 'Portal' and blew our minds.


This Car Just Passed The Baboon Test

By | 3 Comments

At the Knowsley Safari Park outside Liverpool, England, the baboons were given the chance to play around with a Hyundai to put its child-proofing to the test.

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