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Tywin Lannister Goes On ‘Shark Tank’ With An Interesting Proposal

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In which Tywin Lannister attempts to get the sharks to help him in his quest for more Valyrian steel.

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Here Are 100 More Free Fake Names You Can Use In Your TV Scripts (Or To Go On The Lam)

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A list of 100 more free fake names. including Percy Billions, Athena Galapagos, Casanova Valentine, and more.

friday afternoon

Here Are 100 Free Fake Names You Can Use In Your TV Scripts (Or To Go On The Lam)

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A helpful list of 100 fake names you can use for characters in a TV show, or if you need to get out of town fast to avoid trouble.


Okay … But What If Walter White Wore A Justin Bieber Wig?

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Imagining how "Breaking Bad" would be different if Walter White had decided to buy a Justin Bieber wig instead of shave his head.


Okay … But What If Pete Campbell Gets Eaten By A Bear?

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No, seriously. What if a bear just strolls into the office and eats Pete Campbell. How great would that be?

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50 Questions About The GEICO Commercial Where A Talking Pig Is On A Date With A Human Girl

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50 important questions about the incredibly disturbing new GEICO commercial where a talking pig and a human girl are on a date.

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