Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo Created The Most Disturbing Safe-For-Work Upskirts Ever In ‘Super Smash Bros.’

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Nintendo has replaced Princess Peach's underwear with a gaping maw of Eldritch horrors. Let's see if anyone notices.


We Wanted More Groot, But Not Like This. Never Like This.

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If you saw 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' and need more Groot in your life, here's a Groot mod for 'GTA IV' that will give you nightmares.


The ‘Automatic Sperm Extractor’ (Handjob Robot) Is Coming To Chinese Hospitals

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The hand job robot -- er, we mean "automatic sperm extractor" -- is now taking all comers at a hospital in Nanjing, China. (VIDEO)


Today’s WTF Gadget Makes The Shake Weight Commercial Look Tame By Comparison


The commercial for Ace Power may be even more uncomfortable to watch with your parents than the Shake Weight ad. You win this round, Korea.

#The Walking Dead

The CDC Reminds Us Zombies Aren't Real, Still Runs A 'Zombie Preparedness' Website

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<a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-68061"></a>Keep calm and carry on.


Farming Simulator 2011 Has Never Looked More Badass


It's lunchtime on a Friday before a holiday.


Prepare Your Diddly Hole For Some Links


Three Movies You Probably Don’t Remember Featured ‘Mad Men’s’ January Jones |Warming Glow| With Spandex Episode 2: David Shoemaker, AKA The Masked Mans |With Leather| Dirk the Penguin recuperating after being kidnapped by drunks |Film Drunk| The Best Of #Forgetting Sarah Marshall |UPROXX| Baffled [...].


Vin Diesel Would Like To Motivate You On Facebook


When <a href="">Joe Mande</a> posted a few pictures like the one above, saying they were from the Vin Diesel Facebook page with over 30 million "likes", we had to go see for ourselves.


WTF, Japan?


The <a href="">Kusarine Project</a> has unleashed some amazing nightmare fuel into the world.


Wrongness and Links


Frotcast 59: Andy Serkis Is a Chimp, Lindy Explains The Change-Up, Burnsy |FilmDrunk| Muppets and Mario and Other Assorted Fear and Loathing Parodies |UPROXX| Always Sunny's Awesome Hallmark Promos |WarmingGlow| Storm of Swansons Is the Parks & Recreation/Game of Thrones Coupling We've All [...].

xbox live

Kinect Fun Labs Grants Life To A Purple Sex Toy And An Angry Cat

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<a href="">Mike Fahey</a> decided to put the Build-A-Buddy feature in<a href=""> Kinect Fun Labs</a> to the test.

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