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Here’s Ice-T Lending His Voice To Improve ‘G.I. Joe,’ ‘Scooby Doo,’ And Other Cartoons

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Ice-T stopped by 'The Tonight Show' to provide his signature voice and update classic cartoons like 'GI Joe' and 'Scooby Doo.'


Watch Kyrie Irving ‘Acting’ As Ice T’s Dead Witness In This New Foot Locker Ad


Kyrie Irving is in Foot Locker's newest ad, where you can get new Nike Kyrie 1 colorways. He's also taken up "acting," as an Ice T witness.

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O.T. Genasis Has A New Video For ‘CoCo’ Featuring Ice-T And Coco

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O.T. Genasis releases a part two video for his hit "CoCo."


John Mulaney Tells Jimmy Fallon About Ice-T And The Best Heckler Ever

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Let John Mulaney teach you how the town of Murfreesboro got its name, which heckles hurt the most, and what it's like to work with Ice-T.


What’s On Tonight: ‘The Americans’ – Yes, ‘Mixology’ – NO

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Also, there's a crossover episode where Ice-T's "SVU" character goes to "Chicago P.D." to investigate crimes. This is a terrific idea.


Questlove Will Die Soon*

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Don't worry. He won't be dead for long.


In Which Ice-T Attempts To Explain ‘Dungeons And Dragons’

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In the newest episode of Ice-T's podcast, he reveals he took a voice acting job for a 'Dungeons And Dragons' audiobook, then tries to explain what it is.


Ryan Seacrest Is Giving Ice-T And CoCo A Talk Show

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Ice-T and CoCo Austin are saying goodbye to their reality show and hello to a new talk show.

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Jimmy Fallon and Ice T Debut Some Sony PS4 Gameplay

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Sony debuted PS4 gameplay in which Jimmy Fallon and Ice T try out augmented reality game 'The PlayRoom'.

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It's Time To Make Leprechaun In The Hood The Official St. Patrick's Day Movie

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It seems like every holiday, however small, has an official movie memorializing it.


Saturday Matinee – “Rhyme & Reason”

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Pop some popcorn or, like me, pour yourself a Craig-from-Friday sized bowl of sugary cereal, and watch the 1997 documentary Rhyme & Reason.


Key & Peele: Puppy Dog Ice-T


A couple acquires a tough rescue dog formerly owned by rapper Ice-T.


Dr. Dre is still jacked: Outtake from ‘Art of Rap’

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I never listened to a lot of rap, because the coarse native rhythms and incorrigible rambunctiousness frightened the help and made my wife clutch her pearls, so to this day I remain ignorant to much of the history.


Saturday Matinee: Watch “Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap”

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VH1 premiered Ice-T's documentary Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap on Thursday night and, in case anyone missed it, here's a chance to watch the flick in its entirety.

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6.20 The Cooler

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Alice Goodwin Do People Have More Sex During The Summer.


Watch Eminem & Nas Freestyle For “Art Of Rap” Movie

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Hollywood can keep their summer blockbusters, bad popcorn and crowded theaters.


Summer Movie Spotlight: “Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap”

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We at TSS can sit back and tell you about how great rap is until we wear out our keyboards, but what better place to hear about the genre's merits than from the rappers themselves.

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