Steve Carrell And Charlie Kaufman Set Out To Remake ‘Idiocracy’ With ‘I.Q. 83′

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A stupidity virus strikes America in Steve Carell's new movie, 'I.Q. 83.'


Let’s Examine The Many Signs That Mike Judge’s ‘Idiocracy’ Is Nearly Upon Us

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Initially tossed aside, Mike Judge's 'Idiocracy' found a cult audience and now it seems to be predicting the future.


Scary Movie 5 Ripped Off Idiocracy’s Joke about Putting Butt Stuff in Your Mouth

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Scary Movie 5 opens today, and not only did it not screen for critics, it actually <a href="" target="_blank">canceled</a> its <a href="" target="_blank">midnight screenings</a> in most places,  according to anecdotal reports.

P Diddy

A word from Mark Wahlberg about the ‘revolutionary new performance water’ he’s launching with P Diddy

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<a href=""> </a> According to a ground-breaking new press release, breathtaking actor Marky Mark and incendiary producer Puff Daddy are teaming up to launch a "revolutionary" new "performance water" called, amazingly, Aquahydrate.

life imitating art

Oops, we live in Idiocracy now

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Remember in Idiocracy when all the plants died because they tried to feed them Brawndo.


Fox Moves One Step Closer to a Game Show Called 'Just the Tip'

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Fox is moving ahead with a speed-dating game show this summer called "Take Me Out," based on a British game show of the same name.

the cw

January 13, 2012: The Day that Network Television Finally Hit Rock Bottom

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You might have thought that 2001 was the year that television hit bottom.

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