A Chilean Radio Station Was Forced To Apologize After A DJ Received A Rimjob On The Air

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People were outraged at Chilean radio station Top 40 after one of their DJs received a rimjob live on the air and Tweeted it out.


A 9-1-1 Butt Dial Led To The Arrest Of A Florida Family Over A Meth Lab

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A Florida trio was arrested after one of them accidentally butt-dialed 911 and allowed police to listen to them cooking meth.

#The Daily Show

Watch Jon Stewart Lose His Mind Over The Stupidity Of The Congressmen Who Make Climate Change Laws

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Here's a reminder that many of the people who make laws that govern our society or either idiots, whores to lobbyists, or both.


4Chan Managed To Troll iPhone Users Once Again With The Introduction Of ‘Wave’

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Last time they told users than an app could make their phone waterproof. This time it's all about charging phones in the microwave.

Fire Challenge

The Fire Challenge Is Definitely The Dumbest Thing You Will See This Lifetime

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If you haven't heard of the fire challenge, back away slowly. There are idiots at play.

Vitalii Sediuk

Brad Pitt Broke His Silence On The Idiot Who Put His Face In His Crotch

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Vitalii Sediuk should consider himself lucky that he was pulled away from Brad Pitt on the red carpet before the A-lister stomped him.

snake salvation

Deceased ‘Snake Salvation’ Star’s Son Has Already Been Bitten By A Poisonous Snake

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Pastor Cody Coots suffered a rattlesnake bite just three months after his father died from a deadly snake bite.


This Reporter Didn’t Appreciate Minnesota Bros Interrupting His Report On Their Riot

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Minnesota Golden Gophers fans rioted after their team lost in the NCAA Hockey Championship, and they made one reporter's job very tough.


Meet The Paint-Huffing Man Who Threw A Knife And Punched A Pit Bull In The Face During A SWAT Standoff

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A 52-year-old Ohio man just had one of the more eventful arrests you'll ever read about.


A Teenage Girl Had To Be Pulled Out Of A Sewer After Trying To Retrieve Her Cell Phone

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A teenager in England had to be rescued by firefighters on after she hopped into a storm drain in an attempt to fetch her dropped Blackberry.


YOLO! Dumbest Man Ever Attempts To Drink An Entire Gallon Of Tabasco Sauce

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A competitive eater who goes by L.A. Beast filmed himself attempting to drink an entire gallon of Tabasco Habanero Sauce, with predictable results.


Very Smart Man Gets Two DUIs At Same McDonald’s Drive-Thru In A Matter Of Hours

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A New York man is facing a pair of DUI charges after managing to drunkenly wreck his car twice at the same McDonald's location early Sunday morning.


Deceased ‘Snake Salvation’ Star’s Son Is Already Playing With The Snake That Killed His Dad

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Pastor Cody Coots is going to keep his father's memory alive by probably dying the same stupid way.


Right On Cue, Here Comes Sarah Palin To Defend The Duck Dynasty Dude’s ‘Free Speech’ Rights

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Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson said some awful stuff about gay people, so A&E suspended him. Enter Trixie Klondike and her army of minions.


Obamacare Website Girl Says She Was Relentlessly Cyberbullied By Anti-Obamacare Morons

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The world is full of stupid people. Those who harassed this poor woman because a stock photo of her appeared on the Obamacare website are among the stupidest.


WWII Vets ‘Storm’ Closed Memorials With Help Of A-Hole Policiticians Responsible For Government Shutdown

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Wingnuts in Congress responsible for the government shutdown are using elderly veterans as political pawns. Politicians are the f*cking worse.


A Doctor In Tennessee Diagnosed A Female Patient With ‘Ghetto Booty’

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After visiting an orthopedic center for back pain, a Tennessee woman was told by the doctor that she in fact had a case of "ghetto booty."

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