Man Pissed Over Lack Of Spoiler Alert Prior To Reading That Ben Affleck’s Character In ‘Argo’ Was A Ghost

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Ben Affleck's character in "Argo" was not at any point revealed to be a ghost. Apparent spoiler alert nazi Alex Picchietti did not know this, obviously.


KKK Member Arrested In Terror Plot Involving Radiation Death Ray

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A man claiming to be a member of the KKK was arrested for his alleged terror plot that would have targeted Muslims with a portable radiation death ray.


Let’s Watch A Suicidal Idiot/Parkour Genius Run Up A Hill Of Molten Lava


Here's a guy running up an incline plane of flowing lava, because sometimes YOLO stands for "I'm about to die, so make sure you get it on camera.


Your Facebook Friends, Still The Dumbest People On This Planet

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I’m sure there’s other sports stuff going on, like that one legendary basketball player who got hurt or that expensive baseball pitcher who was beat up, but I’m a simple kind of fella and I can’t help but stop and point when I see something that’s reaaaaaaaaally stupid.

The Internet

The Internet Saved A ‘Gay Dog’ From Being Put Down By Its Gay-Hating Owner

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A dog owner in Tennessee had her male dog banished to a kill shelter because she caught it humping another male dog. Yeah.


Idiots On Facebook Blame ‘Mass Effect’ For Sandy Hook Shooting

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"The incorrectly identified shooter liked this video game. BURN IT! BURN IT!" - Idiots re: 'Mass Effect'.


Some Idiot Apparently Named Their Kid ‘Hashtag’

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On the bright side, maybe there will be laws enacted re: baby names after Hashtag Jameson gets a baseball bat forcibly rammed up his butt in 7th grade.


Romney/Ryan Face Tattoo Guy Is Still Totally Cool Will His Romney/Ryan Face Tattoo

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Of all the people who lost big last Tuesday night, the Romney campaign face tattoo guy may have lost the most.


‘Community’s’ Halloween, Thanksgiving, And Christmas Episodes Will All Air In The Spring, Obviously

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"Community" already produced Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas episodes for this season. NBC delayed the show until February 7th. PERFECT.


CNN Would Like The Internet To Convince Some Random Idiot In Hawaii That He Should Vote

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Congrats CNN! This may be the most impossibly stupid slice of "social media engagement" mankind had ever seen, and that's saying a lot.


PSA: ‘Childrens Hospital’ Not Actual Children’s Hospital, And Vice Versa

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Some people confused billboard for Cartoon Network's 'Childrens Hospital' with ones for the ACTUAL children's hospital. People are dumb.

paris hilton

Paris Hilton, On Gays Who Use Grindr: ‘Most Of Them Probably Have AIDS’

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A recording of Paris Hilton discussing how disgusting gay people are, and how they all have AIDS, has made its way online, via Radar.


Stephen A. Smith Gets Jokes, You Guys

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For some reason, Deadspin has targeted Stephen A.


Look At These Two Idiots (Jim Cantore & Al Roker)


If there's one thing you can count on when a hurricane hits U.S. shores, it's that some newsperson will get blown around by the wind and then we will all point and laugh at them for being morons.


Bill Nye To Anti-Science Folk: Feel Free To Be Idiots, But Please Keep Your Idiocy To Yourselves

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Just when you thought it was impossible to love Bill Nye, the Science Guy any more, his continued aggressive calling out of the morons of the world of late is positively swoonworthy.


Worst. Tag Team. Ever.

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Just when you think only the classiest news comes out of Florida and Ohio, West Virginia goes and does something to blow all of our minds.

the dark knight rises

The NRA & A Right Wing Congressman Waste No Time Embarrassing Themselves Over Theater 9 Shooting

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Well that didn't take long. Yes, jackasses are already beginning to emerge in the wake of the Theater 9 shooting. Can't people wait at least 24 hours post-tragedy to display their idiocy? Seriously, is that too much to ask?


The 20 Best Ozzie Guillen Misquotes

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Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen is currently taking a break from the team’s road trip for a pit stop in Miami to dish out a few thousand apologies for a comment he recently made to Time magazine.

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