Nas: Time Is Illmatic

A Look Inside The Making Of Nas’ ‘Time Is illMatic’ Documentary

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This documentary is about to be the best thing On Demand, by far.

Nas: Time Is Illmatic

Watch The Latest Trailer For Nas’ ‘Time Is Illmatic’ Documentary

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"I wanted to do 'Illmatic' to leave my voice as proof that I was here."


Watch The Trailer For Nas’ New Documentary, ‘Time Is Illmatic’


<em>"Visualizin' the realism, my life in actuality"</em>


Jungle On ‘Illmatic': “That Album Just Saved Everybody’s Life”

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An artist's debut album as a life-altering experience.

Xbox Entertainment

The Top 5 Moments From Nas’ Early Career That Have To Be Included On His New TV Show

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With reports of a new TV show in the works, we have a few storylines we want to see God Son's bring to life on the tube.


Nas – “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” (Stink Mix)

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Set to be included on <em>Illmatic XX</em>.


Hip Hop’s Masterpiece Turns 20 This Year, Gets A Facelift And New Music


Yep, we’re all getting old: illmatic turns 20 this year.

The Source Magazine

PoV: Nas’ 5 Mics In ‘The Source’

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The Source once stood as "the bible of Hip-Hop" with no room for debate.

The iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle – Elzhi’s “Life’s A Bitch”

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Anyone who knows me well will tell you how strongly my feelings are for The Gap Band's eternal baby-maker, "Yearning For Your Love.

Will Sessions

Elzhi – elMatic

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<a href=""> While it stands as the greatest Hip-Hop album of all-time to some, Illmatic is a classic to all rap fans who have experienced it. Possessing the proper amount of lyrical structure, production balance and intensity bred deep in the culture's origins, it remains a landmark album few are willing to attempt to recreate. Detroit's very own <a href="">eLZhi</a> stands amongst the few and the proud, but no he's not a Marine.


Do We Really Need Another Illmatic?

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<a href=""> There's really no way to dispute why people are so excited for <a href="">Elzhi's</a> upcoming ELmatic mixtape.


On Tracy McGrady, Nas And Expectations

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Earlier this week, I came across a piece regarding <a href="">Tracy McGrady's "freakish talent,"</a> written by from Dan Devine of <a href="">Ball Don't Lie</a>, Yahoo's NBA blog.


Album 4 Album: A Look At Nas’ Worst Beat Selections

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<a href=""> Earlier in the week, <a href="">Nas openly admitted</a> that his procrastination and laziness was the prime factor in some of his beat selection being less than.


Whose World Is This?

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"And to tell you fools the truth, I don't feel this is where I'm destined/ You can call it Hell, but I just say, bruh, I'm below the heavens.

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