Billboard’s 2014 Power List Of The 100 People Every Artist Should Be Sucking Up To

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Trying to get "put on"? Don't bother sending your music to TSS 'cause we can't do sh*t for ya.

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Kanye Explains Why He Brought Jesus On Tour, Talks Illuminati & His “White Voice”

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At a certain point, we all reach <a href="">Kanye overload</a>.

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Woman Appears In Court For Stabbing Neighbor To Death, Says “Allah Is My Lawyer Now”

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After allegedly murdering her neighbor, an Atlanta woman is <a href="">being defended by Allah</a>.

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Aspiring Rapper Tried To Sacrifice His Friend To Join The Illuminati

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A trial date of June 26 has been set for a man who prosecutors say attempted to sacrifice his friend last year, <a href="">in hopes of joining the Illuminati</a>, an act he believed would've launched his rap career.

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