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Joaquin Phoenix Praises A Marvel Film And Sheds Some Light On The ‘Doctor Strange’ Casting Rumors

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Joaquin Phoenix opened up to Playboy about his thoughts on the 'Doctor Strange' casting rumors and what he looks for in a role.


Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming: Getting Freaky Deaky With The Master

By | 12 Comments

Not a lot is going on this week with major Hollywood DVD releases, but at least what little there is includes The Master.


Paris Hilton’s favorite movie scene

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Everyone's favorite lazy-eyed comedumpster (also my nickname in middle school), Paris Hilton, recently sat down with <a href="" target="_blank">Movieline</a> for an interview, where she was promoting.

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Joaquin breaks character on Letterman, Affleck comes clean

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The big news today is that Joaquin Phoenix went on Letterman last night, this time not in character.

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Joaquin Claus Is Not Real: Phoenix Doc 'I'm Still Here' An Admitted Fake

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Well, now all the nonbelievers can finally add Disheveled Joaquin Phoenix to their list of imaginary holiday figures -Casey Affleck has officially revealed to the <a href="">New York Times</a> that his upcoming Joaquin Phoenix <a href="">fecal party</a>, I'm Still Here, is actually just a piece of performance art.


Mock Joaq defrocked at premiere of Joaq doc

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I'm Still Here, Casey Affleck's documentary about Joaquin Phoenix's mumble rappin', cape buyin' public breakdown, which may or may not have been a put on for the movie (it clearly was), is currently playing the Venice Film Festival.


Joaq doc no hoax, says C-Flex

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<a href=""></a>I'm Still Here, the Joaquin Phoenix <a href="" target="_blank">Cleveland Steamer</a> documentary directed by Casey Affleck (best tagline ever), is currently playing at the Venice Film Festival.


‘Joaquin Phoenix Cleveland Steamer Party’ has a teaser

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Casey Affleck's Joaquin Phoenix documentary, I'm Still Here, opens next month and now it has a teaser trailer.


Casey Affleck markets Cleveland Steamer doc by sexually harassing

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Matt Dentler over at <a href="" target="_blank">Indiewire</a> spotted these stencils in Chelsea this morning, featuring the silhouette of Joaquin Phoenix, suggesting that his Cleveland Steamer movie, I'm Still Here, has begun its guerilla marketing campaign.


Joaquin Phoenix Cleveland Steamer documentary gets full release

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Magnolia pictures has acquired distribution rights for Casey Affleck's documentary, I'm Still Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix, with a plan to release it September 10th, starting in limited release and going wide a week later.

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Joaquin Phoenix gets Cleveland Steamer’d in his movie. For real.

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I didn't think it was going to get much better than Joaquin Phoenix <a href="" target="_blank">buying a velvet cape and rapping in a dressing room</a>, but since I first <a href="" target="_blank">reported</a> Casey Affleck shopping around his documentary last week, some additional details have emerged.

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