The 5 Worst Films To Win Best Picture (According To Their IMDB Ranking)

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If their current ratings are any indication, these Best Picture winners have not stood the test of time.

#The Interview

Thanks To 4chan, ‘The Interview’ Is The Highest-Rated Movie On IMDb

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Those pranksters over at 4chan are getting back at North Korea by...increasing the IMDb score of "The Interview"?


Kirk Cameron’s ‘Saving Christmas’ Is Now IMDb’s Lowest-Rated Movie

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Congratulations, Kirk Cameron, you saved Christmas, but your movie is now the worst film in the history of cinema.


All 86 ‘Saved By The Bell’ Episodes, Definitively Ranked! (By IMDb Users)

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25 years later, some episodes have stood the test of time. Others are stuck in an endless freeze frame.

Tommy Lee Jones

Watch Tommy Lee Jones Get Back In The Saddle Again In ‘The Homesman’

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It's not so much the story or acting that makes this trailer worth seeing, it's the cameos. Watch it.


Here Are All The IMDB Top 250 Movies Currently Available On Netflix Streaming

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Because the Netflix "recommended" list might as well be your mom filling out an old Columbia House order form for you.

#Mad Men

The Most Loved (And Hated) Episodes Of 15 Classic TV Shows

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Fans of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" REALLY hate "Frank’s Brother."


Every Netflix Instant TV Show Ranked By Its IMDb Rating

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Want to know what to watch on Netflix Instant next? Maybe this will help.


Judge won’t dismiss case of actress who sued IMDB for revealing her age

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If you'll remember, back in October 2011, an actress sued IMDB for revealing her age without her consent.


A Brief History Of Timothy Olyphant’s TV Guest Appearances

By | 25 Comments

In the spirit of Timothy Olyphant's Archer appearance, let's review real life Raylan Givens' underrated history of TV guest spots.


Five Places You Probably Don’t Remember Seeing Daniel Craig

By | 15 Comments

Let's hop in the IMDb time machine and revisit some roles where Daniel Craig didn't perpetually look like he just banged your mom.


IMDB's Top 250 Movies (in 2.5 Minutes)


Iconic moments from the top 250 movies on IMDB.


8 Places You Probably Don’t Remember Seeing Jeremy Renner

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Throughout the course of Jeremy Renner's Clooney-lite career (seven cancelled TV series by my count) he's left quite a trail that will totally make it easier to take him seriously as a super secret agent this weekend. Promise.

shedding famous people

Kim Kardashian's IMDB Bio Is AMAZING

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I want to buy drinks or something for Jon Hopwood, the IMDB writer responsible for penning shedding, wig-wearing famous person Kim Kardashian's IMDB bio.

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