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An Important Discussion About Tonight’s ‘True Detective’ Season Finale

By | 81 Comments

A quick discussion about tonight's "True Detective" Season 1 finale, followed by an open thread to get out all your last theories and thoughts.

christmas bounty

An Important Discussion About The ABC Family Movie ‘Christmas Bounty,’ Starring Mike ‘The Miz’ Mizanin

By | 37 Comments

Oh, did you not know ABC Family and WWE Productions teamed up to make a made-for-TV Christmas movie this year?


An Important Discussion About The 1979 Pilot Of The Canadian Television Show ‘The Littlest Hobo’

By | 58 Comments

This show features a dog parachuting out of a plane during a violent storm to deliver medicine to a sick little boy. It is amazing.


An Important Discussion About Which ‘Breaking Bad’ Character Will Get Poisoned With Walt’s Ricin

By | 155 Comments

A helpful and informative discussion about who will get poisoned with Walter White's ricin in the series finale of "Breaking Bad."

best movie ever

An Important Discussion About ‘Sharknado,’ The Greatest Movie Ever About A Shark-Filled Tornado

By | 103 Comments

Syfy's "Sharknado" was everything we dreamed it would be, and here's the recap and GIFs to prove it.


An Important Discussion About 'Stars In Danger: The High Dive'

By | 50 Comments

Last night Fox debuted its new reality special "Stars in Danger: The High Dive," which featured C-List celebrities trying Olympic-style dives. We really need to talk about it.


An Important Discussion About Lindsay Lohan’s Lifetime Original Movie, ‘Liz & Dick’

By | 27 Comments

The highlights and lowlights of Lindsay Lohan's awful Lifetime movie, "Liz and Dick."


An Important Discussion About the CMT Original Movie 'Whiskey Business'

By | 29 Comments

Let me begin with this: If the concept of a CMT (Country Music Television) Original Movie titled Whiskey Business that stars Pauly Shore as a “Jersey Shore” inspired child of privilege who flees to a stereotypical version of the American South in an attempt to escape both a two-timing member of his father’s crime family and the police who want to arrest him for a murder for which the former has framed him does not bring you a near-limitless amount of glee, you and I probably will never be friends.

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