Here’s Benedict Cumberbatch’s Hilarious Attempt To Walk Like Beyonce


When you're trying to replicate Beyonce's power walk, don't use Benedict Cumberbatch as a guide.


‘Not A Burger Stand’ Is The Burbank Joint With The Coolest Chalkboard Specials

By | 11 Comments

Burbank's Not a Burger Stand is a comfort food restaurant that kicks thing up a notch by offering a 10% discount for character impressions.


This Real-Life Peter Griffin Impersonator Was Put On Earth To Become A Real-Life Peter Griffin Impersonator

By | 8 Comments

It's like the guy's sole purpose in life was to become Peter Griffin IRL. Mission accomplished, sir.

Which IS The Real Voice?

Watch This Guy’s Voice Go From Average Bro To Super Excited Girl In A Heartbeat

By | 8 Comments

This guy can change his voice to mimic the most annoying girl from your high school.


Give It Up For Roman Reigns’ Incredible Paul Bearer Impression

By | 23 Comments

Roman Reigns does an incredible Paul Bearer impression, as if you needed another reason to love Roman Reigns. OHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS!

#game of thrones

Relive ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 4 With This Incredible Impressionist

By | 5 Comments

Varys' still creepy, even when someone's doing an impression of him.


Kevin Hart Busted Out His Impressions Of The Entire NBA On TNT Crew

By | 5 Comments

In a new spot for 'Think Like a Man Too,' Kevin Hart showed off his pretty strong impressions of Charles Barkley and Shaq.


Stop Sleeping In And Watch The Best Impersonation Of Rust Cohle From ‘True Detective’ You’ll See Today

By | 17 Comments

Have you ever wondered what 'True Detective's' Rust Cohle would look like as a Kindergarten teacher? No? Too bad. This is perfect.

let it go

Watch This Guy Sing ‘Let It Go’ From ‘Frozen’ In Almost Two Dozen Famous Disney Character Voices

By | 2 Comments

If you only watch one video today of a man singing "Let It Go" from "Frozen" in 21 different Disney voices, make it this one.


A Fake Matthew McConaughey Called Into A TV News Show To Discuss The Oscars

By | 14 Comments

A Dallas TV news host 'punked' his co-host with a really cheesy Matthew McConaughey impersonator on air.

#Jay Z

Take A Moment To Enjoy The Horribleness Of Andy Roddick’s Jay Z Impression

By | 2 Comments

Tennis star Andy Roddick is good at things. Tennis, being married to Brooklyn Decker. He's also bad at some stuff, like Jay Z impressions. Here's that.


Bill Hader Tries To Impress J.J. Abrams By Showcasing The Most Killer ‘Star Wars’ Impressions On ‘Conan’

By | 2 Comments

Bill Hader's 'Star Wars' impressions are so good, you'll want to cut him open and use him for warmth. That's talent.


Key And Peele Tried To Break The World Record For Most Impressions In 60 Seconds


The most exciting 60 seconds with an Oprah impression you'll see on the Interne this week.


Here’s Something You Didn’t Know You Needed: Tennis Player Impressions


We occasionally celebrate <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/tag/jade-bryce" target="_blank">Bellator ring girl Jade Bryce's semi-terrible MMA impressions</a> because REASONS, so today we're evening the playing field.

#south park

31 ‘South Park’ Impressions In Two Minutes


Brock Baker does 31 impressive impressions of South Park characters in a little over two minutes.


Bellator Ring Girl Jade Bryce Is Back With More Kinda-Okay MMA Impressions

By | 3 Comments

Remember back in May, when Cage Potato sent over a clip of <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2013/05/bellator-ring-girl-jade-bryce-is-now-the-frank-caliendo-of-mma" target="_blank">Bellator ring girl Jade Bryce doing MMA fighter and fan impressions</a>.

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