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‘The Sims 4′ Gets An Adults Only Rating In Russia For Exactly The Reason You’re Probably Guessing

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Don't worry, the children of Russia aren't safe from much, but they are safe from 'The Sims 4'...


Meet The ‘Artist’ Who Sculpted An 880-Lb. Cobra Statue From Cow Poop… For The Kids

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Growing up in Florida, I’ve never known the joy of building a snowman or especially spelling my name in the snow.


The 2012 Vladivostok Bikini Fitness Open Looks Like An Important Event

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I don’t know much about the Russian city of Vladivostok other than it is the largest Russian port on the Pacific Ocean, and I only know that because I found this cool site that has a ton of information on anything you can think of.


Toss Your Girlfriend Off A Rooftop

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In Russia, it's totally acceptable to dump your girlfriend.


Junior Seau Drives Off A Cliff. No, Seriously

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Former NFL superstar Junior Seau drove his vehicle off a cliff after being charged with domestic violence over the weekend.



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Here's a Russian goalie showing that his grasp of turf hardness is about on par with that of running his own laundromat.

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