This Film Critic Makes The Most Horrifying Confession While Discussing A Kids Movie

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In which an unassuming review of 'Strange Magic' takes a turn for the INCEST PORN.


The Bizarre Story Of A Girl Who Met Her Dad Through Facebook And Began Dating Him

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'Genetic sexual attraction' can happen when families reunite after long estrangements. This is one such story.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Delving Into The Very Real, Very Gross World Of Jake And Maggie ‘Gyllencest’

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Did Jake and Maggie seem a little too close at the Golden Globes? You're not the only one to think so.


A Woman Who Went Searching For Her Birth Mother Found Out That She And Her Husband Are Siblings

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Finding out that your husband is also your brother? That's gotta be awkward.


Everyone’s Favorite Meth-Smoking Incest Enthusiast Found Yet Another Way To Get Thrown In Jail

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Charlene Ellet, who famously made out with her brother in jail after being arrested for shoplifting and meth possession, is back in jail.


Far Too Many People Have Been Tweeting About Their 'Hot Cousin' During The Holidays

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Apparently there are a lot of George Michael Bluths out there. Just look at all the hot cousin lovers on Twitter.

#game of thrones

More ‘Game Of Thrones’ Mashups And PSAs You Can Shake A Sausage At

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Featured mashup videos of the week, including 'Game of Thrones' combined with 'Terminator 2', 'The Princess Bride', 'The Office', a Snuggie ad, PSAs, and more.


Matthew McConaughey’s family sounds fun

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Part of this story is a bit old, as it happened at the Independent Spirit Awards, which are held the night before the Oscars every year, presumably so that the Spirits can be easily overshadowed and get as little press coverage as possible.


Nick Cassavetes Is Down With Incest, Kind Of

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'Notebook' director Nick Cassavetes kind of compared gay marriage to incest. Whoopsies.



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This is the trailer for From Beginning to End, an upcoming Brazilian film that deals with "the unconditional love between two brothers, which ends up leading to incest.

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