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Meet ‘Mr. Poo’ — India’s Anti-Public Pooping Mascot — In This Outstanding Animated PSA

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UNICEF has released a new Poo2Loo public health and hygiene campaign to stop people from open defecation in India, which is exactly what you'd think it is.

Animals Saving Kids

A Rampaging Elephant Destroyed A House And Then Stopped To Save A Crying Baby Trapped Inside

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Good thing this elephant managed to save the baby, we'd be too running in the other direction.


This 8-Year Old ‘India’s Got Talent’ Contestant Is The Coolest Kid On Earth

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Eight-year old Akshat Singh is on his way to being an Internet star after this incredible dancing performance on 'India's Got Talent.'


Holy Cow, India Is Bringing A $38 Tablet Computer To The US

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The cheap tablet computers originally offered only to students in India are coming to the US in 2014 for $38 apiece. Here's what $38 gets you.


This Indian Billboard Memorializing Nelson Mandela Mistakenly Used An Image Of Morgan Freeman Instead


And "seems legit" was uttered all across the internet. Only this time it was legit.


Here’s A Video Of An Elephant Wearing Jeans. You’re Welcome.

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Sometimes an elephant wears jeans and enters a beauty pageant.


Miss Universe Could Serve Two Years In Prison Over These Photos

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Miss Universe is in trouble for some photos she was in at the Taj Mahal.


Woody Allen won’t let India have ‘Blue Jasmine’ over anti-smoking ads

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Indian law requires that any film depicting smoking - such as Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine - be screened with an anti-tobacco ad preceding the movie, and a caption during the smoking scenes.


Tractor Tug of War


A game of tug of war between two tractors in India ends in predictably hilarious fashion.


Watching movies in India is very… interactive.

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I've never been to India or watched a movie there, so I can't tell you how representative this is of their usual movie-watching practices, but if it's even close, Indians put the worst stereotypes about catching a picture at the Magic Johnson theater to shame.


Jon Hamm To Star In The Baseball Story Nobody Remembers

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Last year, Disney hired screenwriter and actor Tom McCarthy to write the script for a film based on the strange but inspiring story of two Indian men who won contracts to pitch for the Pittsburgh Pirates on a reality TV show.


Indian ministers caught watching cell phone porn during government session

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A tragic, disgraceful witch hunt is playing out in India right now, as three politicians from a morally conservative party were forced to resign yesterday after they were caught watching pornography on a cell phone during a state assembly session.


Is ‘Angry Brides’ The Most Horribly Insensitive Knockoff Ever Made?

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<a href="">"Angry Brides"</a> is a Facebook game that on the face of it is just pretty idiotically sexist: A ticked off woman chucks shoes at her annoying husband.

crazy people

This Week In India Is F*cking Crazy: Check Out The ‘Well Of Death’

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When I was in college, I bought a 1987 Ford Bronco that was possibly the biggest death trap that I’ve ever driven.


Holy Cow, India Really Did Launch That $35 Tablet Computer


Awhile back I said India's $35 tablet computer for students would <a href="">never happen</a>, but now I'm going to have to slather my words with curry and eat them.

man vs. nature

Holy Crap Look At This Leopard Attacking Indian Villagers


The image above is one of the most terrifying things I've seen in a long time.


Indian Woman Wants To Be A Sumo Wrestler

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This lady's name is Hatel Dave, and she wants to be a sumo wrestler.


This Week In Review: Let Us Take You On A Warm And Fuzzy Internet Journey


I have only one rule for this week's review - no Charlie Sheen.

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