School Of Hard Chops: The Great Khali Is Opening A Wrestling Academy

By | 18 Comments

You can now learn to wrestle from The Great Khali. No, really.


Watch This Hero Monkey Save Another Monkey’s Life


A hero monkey saved his electrocuted friend and we set it to "Hero" by Mariah Carey. Obviously.


Meet ‘I,’ The Indian Werewolf/Transformer/Angel Movie You Now Need To See

By | 3 Comments

Seriously, watch this trailer and tell us you don't now desperately want to see this movie.


Watch This Amazing Rescue Of A Dog That Had Fallen Into A Pool Of Hot Tar

By | 5 Comments

This poor dog would have died if these rescuers hadn't come along to save it.


Watch ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Star Kunal Nayyar Teach Conan Bollywood Dance Moves


Kunal Nayyar plays a fairly shy guy on 'The Big Bang Theory,' but he was far from it teaching Bollywood dance moves on 'Conan.'


How Did This Eight-Year-Old Get 40-Pound Hands?

By | 24 Comments

Mohammad Kaleem's hands weigh twenty pounds. Each. But why?


Here’s A Hotel Valet In New Delhi Totally Crashing A $500,000 Lamborghini

By | 14 Comments

Do you feel hesitant about letting a valet park your 2004 Sebring? What about a Lamborghini?

wildlife sos

Raju The Elephant Wept During His Harrowing Rescue After 50 Years Of Captivity And Torture

By | 18 Comments

Even after 50 years of abuse at the hands of humans, this elephant was still grateful and relieved to see his rescuers.

life imitating art

India Spent Less Going To Mars Than Hollywood Did Making ‘Gravity’

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India's prime minister says it cost less to send an Indian rocket to Mars than it did to send George Clooney and Sandra Bullock to a room full of green screens.

public pooping

Meet ‘Mr. Poo’ — India’s Anti-Public Pooping Mascot — In This Outstanding Animated PSA

By | 4 Comments

UNICEF has released a new Poo2Loo public health and hygiene campaign to stop people from open defecation in India, which is exactly what you'd think it is.


A Rampaging Elephant Destroyed A House And Then Stopped To Save A Crying Baby Trapped Inside

By | 6 Comments

Good thing this elephant managed to save the baby, we'd be too running in the other direction.


This 8-Year Old ‘India’s Got Talent’ Contestant Is The Coolest Kid On Earth

By | 7 Comments

Eight-year old Akshat Singh is on his way to being an Internet star after this incredible dancing performance on 'India's Got Talent.'


Holy Cow, India Is Bringing A $38 Tablet Computer To The US

By | 8 Comments

The cheap tablet computers originally offered only to students in India are coming to the US in 2014 for $38 apiece. Here's what $38 gets you.


This Indian Billboard Memorializing Nelson Mandela Mistakenly Used An Image Of Morgan Freeman Instead


And "seems legit" was uttered all across the internet. Only this time it was legit.


Here’s A Video Of An Elephant Wearing Jeans. You’re Welcome.

By | 2 Comments

Sometimes an elephant wears jeans and enters a beauty pageant.

olivia culpo

Miss Universe Could Serve Two Years In Prison Over These Photos

By | 3 Comments

Miss Universe is in trouble for some photos she was in at the Taj Mahal.


Woody Allen won’t let India have ‘Blue Jasmine’ over anti-smoking ads

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Indian law requires that any film depicting smoking - such as Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine - be screened with an anti-tobacco ad preceding the movie, and a caption during the smoking scenes.

tug of war

Tractor Tug of War


A game of tug of war between two tractors in India ends in predictably hilarious fashion.


Watching movies in India is very… interactive.

By | 13 Comments

I've never been to India or watched a movie there, so I can't tell you how representative this is of their usual movie-watching practices, but if it's even close, Indians put the worst stereotypes about catching a picture at the Magic Johnson theater to shame.

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