Jon Hamm To Star In The Baseball Story Nobody Remembers

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Last year, Disney hired screenwriter and actor Tom McCarthy to write the script for a film based on the strange but inspiring story of two Indian men who won contracts to pitch for the Pittsburgh Pirates on a reality TV show.


Indian ministers caught watching cell phone porn during government session

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A tragic, disgraceful witch hunt is playing out in India right now, as three politicians from a morally conservative party were forced to resign yesterday after they were caught watching pornography on a cell phone during a state assembly session.

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Is ‘Angry Brides’ The Most Horribly Insensitive Knockoff Ever Made?

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"Angry Brides" is a Facebook game that on the face of it is just pretty idiotically sexist: A ticked off woman chucks shoes at her annoying husband.


This Week In India Is F*cking Crazy: Check Out The ‘Well Of Death’

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When I was in college, I bought a 1987 Ford Bronco that was possibly the biggest death trap that I’ve ever driven.


Holy Cow, India Really Did Launch That $35 Tablet Computer


Awhile back I said India's $35 tablet computer for students would never happen, but now I'm going to have to slather my words with curry and eat them.

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Holy Crap Look At This Leopard Attacking Indian Villagers


The image above is one of the most terrifying things I've seen in a long time.


Indian Woman Wants To Be A Sumo Wrestler

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This lady's name is Hatel Dave, and she wants to be a sumo wrestler.


This Week In Review: Let Us Take You On A Warm And Fuzzy Internet Journey


I have only one rule for this week's review - no Charlie Sheen.


This Cricket Fan Can See Your Soul

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As the World Cricket Cup is in full… swing.


Tiger Woods Has A Mattress Ad

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The McCann Ad Agency in Mumbai recently released the above ad for Shivam handloom deep sleep mattresses, which shows a sleeping Tiger Woods dreaming of a bevy of provocatively dressed white women.


Enthiran (Robot) Is Delightfully Insane

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Enthiran (Robot) is a Tamil-language Indian film released on 2250 screens worldwide on October 1st of last year, making it the biggest opening (in terms of number of screens) for an Indian film.


I’m All For More Indians In The NBA

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One great thing about the NBA is its diversity, and it hasn't gone unnoticed.


How Much Money Has Wikipedia’s Creepy Campaign Raised?

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We've been making fun of Wikipedia's urgent pleas from founder Jimmy Wales for awhile now, but one thing is undeniable: their campaign is working.


Uh Oh, Here Come Racist Jokes

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This scene of two student leaders getting into a slap fight on Indian TV just appeared on BuzzFeed, and I'm already terrified of what terrible racist things people are going to say when they see it.


Harry Potter Fans Blamed for Rash of Owl Kidnappings in India

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Japan enjoys a well-deserved reputation for all things batpoop loco, but India is headed to the top of the crazy chart with a bullet.


Will You Finally Pay For Porn?

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Things are bad for the porn world, my friends.


Indian robot movie breaks box office record for money, badassness

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India's most expensive movie ever, Endhiran, aka The Robot, aka A Giant Cobra Made of Robot Men Slithers Around Eating Cars, opened in India in three languages last Friday, and surprise surprise, the $35 million-budgeted romp is breaking box-office records.


India Has It All Figured Out Now

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Last week, we discussed how some countries like New Zealand were threatening to pull out of the Commonwealth Games because of concerns with piled up garbage, soiled mattresses, collapsing bridges and roofs, and packs of stray dogs and other various animals.


India Is Not A Good Sports Environment

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When India began preparing for the 2010 Commonwealth Games, the country’s government officials boasted that they would be creating an atmosphere that would make it the greatest experience in the history of the event.

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