Move Over, Teen Choice Awards!

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If you’ve ever thought that the ESPY’s are great in theory, but you just can’t handle all those meaningless sports honors at one time, then the NFL has some news that will make your day much better.


Depressing Gallery: Cheerleader Fantasies on the Ohio River

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Cheerleader calendars are supposed to evoke a sense of excitement and beauty, and unless the horny boy/adult man waiting in line to buy next year's Colts cheerleader calendars are looking for the excitement of catching catfish in an inner-tube and the beauty of a sort-of-clean mid-America dirt river, they're going to be extremely disappointed.


Donald Trump Speaks Out on Inappropriate Male/Male Driving

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I know this is going to be tough for you to hear, but Donald Trump has backed out of the Indianapolis 500 and won't be driving the pace car at the 100th anniversary of the race.



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Did you ever wonder how they do it in Fort Wayne.

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