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‘It’s Nothing Until It’s Something': Chris Pratt Isn’t The Next Indiana Jones, Yet

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Naysayers aside, the possibility of seeing Burt Macklin run away from spherical boulders makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Indiana Jones

Steven Spielberg Might Direct Chris Pratt In ‘Indiana Jones’ Reboot

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According to new reports, Steven Spielberg may not be done with the 'Indiana Jones' franchise.

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Chris Pratt Said A Few Words About The Possibility Of Playing ‘Indiana Jones’

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Chris Pratt has been rumored to be in everything lately, but he's taking the 'Indiana Jones' rumor seriously enough to comment on it.


Donald Trump Also Has Strong Feelings Regarding The ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot

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Trump took to his Instagram to yell about the new all-female 'Ghostbusters' and Harrison Ford-free 'Indiana Jones.'

Indiana Jones

Watch These Students Play The ‘Indiana Jones’ Theme For Their Fedora-Wearing Professor


Instead of boulders, students run away from grading curves in this ancient temple.


J.J. Abrams Is Terrified About ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

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J.J. Abrams speaks about the "terrifying prospect" of making a Star Wars movie that would be "worthy of people's time".


Watch ‘The Raiders Of The Lost Bark’ Make Indiana Jones Far More Adorable

By | 3 Comments

Ever wonder what Indiana Jones would be like as a puppy? We now finally have an answer.


Funny, Sexy, And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week – Best Of 2014 (Part 1)

By | 11 Comments

Since it's nearly the end of 2014, we're rounding up our favorite cosplay pictures we've featured this year.


Disney: We’re Doing Another ‘Indiana Jones,’ But No Rush

By | 12 Comments

Disney currently has no time for love with Doctor Jones, but it'll happen eventually.

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The Fifth Indiana Jones Movie Is Closer To Reality Than We Thought

By | 32 Comments

'Indiana Jones 5' is supposedly still just a rumor, but Variety just may have leaked that it's coming sooner than we think.


DeMarcus Cousins Has A History Of Answering A Question With A Question

By | 5 Comments

Yesterday, we told you about how DeMarcus Cousins gave a perfect response to a reporter who asked him about European geography.


Funny, Sexy, And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week

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It's that time of the week when we post intriguing cosplay we've spotted recently. Some sexy, some funny, some cute, and some awesome.

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This Couple’s ‘Indiana Jones’-Themed Anniversary Photo Belongs In A Museum

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For his 21st wedding anniversary, Ken Thomas and his wife perfectly re-enacted a scene from Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade.


Sparkly Bullet Dodged: Robert Pattinson Is Not The New Indiana Jones


Robert Pattinson addresses rumors about an 'Indiana Jones' reboot and 'Star Wars: Episode VII', continues to hate 'Twilight' while doing so.

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Disney Wants A Sparkly Vampire To Play Indiana Jones

By | 22 Comments

Indiana Jones gets the worst casting rumor imaginable.


‘Epilogue’ Amusingly Shows What Happens To Heroes After The World Is Saved

By | 10 Comments

Wry anti-hero Skillman has finally killed his nemesis, recovered the MacGuffin, and kissed the brilliant and beautiful redhead. Now what?

indiana jones and the temple of doom

In Defense Of ‘Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom’, The Best Indiana Jones Movie

By | 88 Comments

'Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom' is the best Indy movie. And we've got an argument to prove it!

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15 Facts About ‘Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade’ So Fascinating They Belong In A Damn Museum

By | 76 Comments

Making the third 'Indiana Jones' movie required a lot of planning for Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. Like, how to get 2,000 rats.

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