This Brewery Had A Hilarious Response To Indiana’s Mandatory Food Service Requirement

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Responding to a mandatory food service requirement, this brewery came up with a menu no one would ever want to order from.

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IMPORTANT: An Independent Baseball Team Is Wearing Michael Jackson ‘Beat It’ Jacket Jerseys

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The Gary Southshore Railcats will wear jerseys based on the red leather jacket from 'Beat It' to honor Michael Jackson on June 21st. SHAMONE


R.I.P. Boogie Butts, The Half-Marathon Dog

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Hug your dogs today, folks. And tell them about the legend of Boogie Butts.


All Hail Boogie Butts, The Chocolate Labrador Retriever That Ran A Half-Marathon

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After escaping his leash on Friday night, a chocolate Lab named Boogie Butts was found after he ran a half-marathon in Evansville, Indiana the next day.


Meet Gabrielle Gary, Mistress Of The Turnaround Out-Of-Bounds Hook-shot 3-Pointer

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We don't cover women's basketball a lot at With Leather -- even when we approach it professionally, it opens to the door for way too many PRETTY GOOD BASKETBALL PLAYING FROM THE KITCHEN comments, which are more or less the asshole of popular opinion -- but this is too good not to share.


Scratch Harry Baals off your list

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Folks, I know I vented a little about that <a href="" target="_blank">Variety article</a> back there, and I'm sorry if I brought you down, but now I've got something to share that makes it all worthwhile.


Pay For The Sex, Stay For The News

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They call it the world’s oldest profession - prostitution.


Jet-Powered School Bus Tops Out At 367mph

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We weren't planning on turning this morning into a parade of awesome modified vehicles, but when the magic happens you just gotta lie back and think of England.


Student Creates Magic Major, Parents Cry Over Lost Thousands

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Just to break from the "royal we" for a moment, your correspondent on this story is, in fact, an avid juggler.

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