Watch The Teaser For ‘Lazer Team’, Indiegogo’s Highest-Funded Film Campaign

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'Lazer Team' broke Indiegogo records by raising $2.48 million, becoming their highest-funded film campaign ever.


Here’s How ‘Humans Of New York’ Raised Over $500,000 For A Brooklyn Middle School In Under Two Days

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Brandon Stanton's IndieGoGo campaign sought to only raise $30,000 for a Brownsville middle school to visit Harvard University.


Roddy Piper Needs Your Help In His Quest To Battle Cthulhu In ‘Portal To Hell’

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Wrestling legend 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper has been cast as the lead in a short film entitled, 'Portal to Hell,' which needs funding to happen.

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A New Batkid Documentary Is Coming And It Looks Just As Heartwarming As You’d Expect


An IndieGogo campaign is raising money for a 'Batkid Begins' documentary, which will chronicle Miles Scott's epic day in San Francisco.


Arsenio Hall Started An Indiegogo Account So He Can Buy The Clippers


So he can buy the Los Angeles Clippers, Arsenio Hall is asking fans to help him raise $1 billion by offering some ridiculous prizes.

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That ‘Shaq-Fu’ Sequel Is Funded Thanks To People With Too Much Extra Cash On Their Hands

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A new Shaq-Fu game is happening thanks to people who spent way too much for a new Shaq-Fu game...

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Indiegogo Will Allow You To Produce A Scene For ‘Sharknado 2′ For How Much?


'Sharknado 2' producers want you to donate money so you can be part of the film! It'll be about $50,000.


Shaquille O’Neal Wants Your Money To Fund His ‘Shaq Fu’ Video Game Sequel

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Shaquille O'Neal has launched an Indiegogo campaign to make a sequel to the hilariously bad video game 'Shaq Fu.'


‘The Dark Knight Legacy’ Is A Fan Made Short Sequel To ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

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This week in Indiegogo crowd-funding news, a group of Batman fans is currently trying to raise between $30,000 and $90,000 to produce The Dark Knight Legacy, an unofficial sequel to Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises that would take place one year after Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle left Gotham City for a little R&R in Europe.


The Iron Sheik Is Trying To Raise Money For A Documentary About His Life

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For a lot of people, the Iron Sheik is one of two things, if not both – 1) The greatest villain in the WWE’s history; or 2) The meanest (and possibly funniest) man on Twitter.


Introducing ‘Tailly’, The Robotic Tail That Lets Humans Express Emotion Like Dogs

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A Japanese man is trying to raise funds for Tailly, which is a robotic tail for humans to wear and express emotion like animals.

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