Tom Hanks And Ron Howard Will Start Filming Dan Brown’s ‘Inferno’ In April

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While they're skipping 'The Lost Symbol,' Ron Howard and Tom Hanks have signed on to make Dan Brown's 'Inferno' next.


Check Out This Roaring Yacht Fire A Man Captured With His Drone Camera


Some amazing footage captured with the aid of a helpful drone.


Reading Is Hard, So Here Are Some Ultra-Condensed Versions Of Literary Classics

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Sometimes reading 350-page novel is just too much work. And Cliff Notes can also be a pain. Thankfully, there's Book-A-Minute Classics!


Shocker: Lindsay Lohan Linda Lovelace Biopic Not Happening

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Today in Shocking News You'll Never Believe, Lindsay Lohan will no longer star as Linda Lovelace in the Linda Lovelace biopic no one thought would ever happen.

terrible ideas

Lohan Makes Movie Poster, Not Movie

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Lindsay Lohan spent last week traipsing around Cannes, allegedly promoting her next film, Inferno, which is the story of legendary porn actress Linda Lovelace.


Lindsay’s porn flick gets distributor, but she Cannes’t come

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Last week I reported that Lindsay Lohan was attached to a Linda Lovelace biopic, a smaller, no-name-talent, rival production to a previously-announced Lovelace biopic.

Lindsay Lohan

Clearing up that Lindsay Lohan playing Linda Lovelace rumor

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This story about Lindsay Lohan being cast in a biopic of Linda Lovelace, star of Deep Throat and Dogf*cker (note: not a joke, and exactly like what it sounds) has, as they say, been making the rounds, much like Lindsay Lohan's vagina.

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