Smart Car Pwns Ad Exec On Twitter With Brilliant Bird Crap Infographic


Swap out "a bird" for "Mel Gibson" = Exponentially funnier Recently ad agency exec Clayton Hove, a self-titled "Concept Cowboy," tweeted quite the unfunny observation: "Saw a bird had crapped on a Smart Car.


Infographic: How To React When Your Friend Hasn’t…

This illustrated gif (or is it a gif illustration? from Loldwell.com is pretty fantastic: How to react when your friend hasn't (played a popular video game/watched a popular film/watched a popular show or read a popular book).


INFOGRAPHIC: Judge Judy’s Empire


Judith Sheindlin isn't just a no-nonsense broad with a gavel: she's a real judge adjudicating real lawsuits, and the cases she handles draw more viewers than any other daytime television show.

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