Allow This Incredible Infographic To Explain The History Of The Making Of ‘Ghostbusters’

By | 9 Comments

Designer Mike Seiders of SDRS Creative put together this awesome infographic to show us everything about the making of 'Ghostbusters.'


Studios Are Churning Out More Blockbusters Than Ever, And Losing More Money Than Ever. But Why?

By | 56 Comments

Studios are releasing more and more blockbusters, and generating huge losses. How does this make business sense?


Here’s A Map Showing Where Starbucks Menu Items Are Most Frequently Ordered


Starbucks is everywhere... and has some odd insight into our caffeine addictions.


Here’s An Infographic Ranking ‘The Walking Dead’ Characters By Usefulness And Zombie Kills So Far This Season

By | 33 Comments

To put a cap on The Walking Dead mid-season finale here's a handy character infographic at the midway point in season four.


This Matthew McConaughey Infographic is Pretty Great

By | 35 Comments

The Matthew McConaughey Infographic, "Anatomy of the McConaughssance," is a Venn Diagram that maps all McConaughey roles according to idealism, acclaim, hustle, and shirtlessness. Alright alright alright.


Someone Actually Charted ‘Breaking Bad’ Episode Likability Vs. Number Of Skyler White Appearances

By | 119 Comments

As we countdown to the Breaking Bad finale one academic fan has taken to statistics to see how truly disliked Skyler is.


Pixar’s decline, in a scientific-ish graph

By | 39 Comments

One knock on Pixar you hear a lot is that they aren't the same company that gave us Wall E, Finding Nemo, Up and The Incredibles.


Every different way Sam Jackson has spelled “motherf**ker” since 2011

By | 16 Comments

He doesn't have a byline yet, but Intern Evan has compiled for you here every separate spelling of the word motherf*cker that Sam Jackson has employed since joining Twitter in late 2011, and the results may shock you.


When Does The Next Marvel Superhero Movie Come Out? Here’s A Handy Timeline Graphic

By | 13 Comments

Now you'll never get caught anticipating Captain America 2 when you should be anticipating the Thor sequel.


Every Tarantino Movie Death: The Graphic

By | 4 Comments

Placing the one-off icons from the "kill key" is especially fun memory work.


Man On Internet Has Spent A LOT Of Time ‘Researching’ Porn

By | 22 Comments

If you've been looking for the porn infographic to end all porn infographics, I think we may have found it for you.


The Best Of Fake Science And A Review Of The Indispensable Textbook 'Fake Science 101'

By | 4 Comments

Here's our overdue review of 'Fake Science 101' by Phil Edwards as well as a collection of funny infographics from the Fake Science website.


The Looper Timeline Infographic

By | 36 Comments

Looper is a film about time travel, whose plot is, by design, unstuck from the constraints of linear time and normal cause and effect.


Guess How Much Money It Takes To Be Batman and Iron Man

By | 8 Comments

Two infographics explain how much it costs to be Batman and Iron Man, remind us that we are poor like Spider-Man.


What If Microprocessors Never Existed?

By | 13 Comments

Microprocessors are so deeply integrated into our lives, we've pretty much completely stopped noticing them.


This Music Festival Attendee Infographic Isn't Scientific, But It's Pretty Damn Spot-On

By | 3 Comments

Since, with the exception of Bonnaroo, I've been to all of the music festivals featured in <a href="">this Funny or Die infographic</a>, I feel completely qualified to comment on its accuracy, and it is nearly spot-on.


The 'Pulp Fiction' In Chronological Order Infographic Is Quite Possibly Divine Intervention


A while back <a href="" target="_blank">I wrote about how the Pulp Fiction in Chronological Order video completely validated YouTube's time limit increase</a>.

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