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Star Wars Has Made How Much Money?

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Boba Phat Last month we celebrated Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you) with a <a href="">picture gallery</a>, and we celebrated the 35th anniversary of New Hope's release (May 25th) with a <a href="">collection</a> of Star Wars Weekends posters.


2012 Summer Movies Get Infographic’d


Back in February our friends at Vulture <a href="" target="_blank">infographic'd lyrics to a bunch of Grammy nominated songs</a>.


Best Picture Nominees Get Infographic’d


Apologies for incorporating Clooney-over-the-hedge <a href="" target="_blank">twice in one day</a>, but I love it a little too much, and I think we can all agree it just works here.

2012 grammy award nominations

Grammy Nominee Lyrics Get Infographic’d

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Our <a href="" target="_blank">friends at Vulture</a> whipped up a bunch of fun infographics related to Grammy nominated artists as a reminder that the Grammys are this weekend, and to poke fun at some nonsensical lyrics.

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Here’s The Festivus Infographic You’ve All Been Waiting For

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Of the many things Seinfeld graced upon the world in its run, it's arguable that Festivus, that holiday celebration for "the rest of us," is the show's single greatest contribution to modern culture.


The Future According to Films [Infographic]

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Graphic designer <a href="">Michael Hobson</a> made an infographic (full size below) with a timeline of our dystopian future according to sci-fi movies (and a few TV shows).

The Many Explosions of Michael Bay: An Infographic

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<a href=""></a>It's a well known fact that Michael Bay signs off all email correspondence and voicemail messages with (*explosion sound*).


How Hot Her Friend Is And Ten Other Topics You Should Avoid Over Dinner [Infographic]

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There are an infinite number of poor conversation choices for when you and the lady friend sit down for a meal, but statistically speaking some are worse than others.


Infograhic Of The Day: Top Netfilx Rentals By State. And Other Netflix News!

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Slacktory's <a href="">Micah Mertes put together this awesome infographic</a> showing which movies are the most popular Netflix rentals, by state.


Whale’s Vagina, Illadelphia, And Other US City Names According To Twitter

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<a href="" target="_blank">InboxQ</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Column Five</a> combined forces and conducted research on geotagged tweets vs.

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Infographic Of The Day: Videogames Pwning Hollywood In Release Week Sales

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In a post last December, <a href="">Venturebeat declared</a> that "video games are the new movies," citing how Call of Duty Black Ops game sales had topped $1 billion faster than any game in history, and much faster than the time it takes for a blockbuster movie to do so.

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Hilarious Infographic Of The Day: People Are Actually Naming Their Children ‘Palin’


In response to the Social Security Administration releasing the list of most popular baby names of 2010, <a href="">this infographic from Mother Jones' Dave Gilson</a> -- inspired by the knowledge that pop culture fame and popularity have a direct influence on the names people give their children -- dug into the data to see how much influence political fame and popularity has on the names people give their children.

Hilarious Infographic Of The Day: The Life Of An Internet Troll

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In a couple of past internet writing gigs, I worked for media companies that had massive audiences, so, as one might reasonably expect, I received tons of email from readers, a good bit of which came from internet trolls (You know who you are, trolls.


Coldplay fans are uptight and asexual, says math

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Here's the results of a poll conducted by <a href="" target="_blank">Tastebuds</a> connecting readers' favorite band with how far they'd go on a first date.

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