Gene Snitsky Is Back With A Horrifying New Beard And More Dude Food Pressure Cooker Recipes

By | 11 Comments

Hey bros, let Gene and his new face friend teach you how to dump things in the pressure cooker and push the button.

John Cena

Watch John Cena And His Giant Arms Fumble With Food On His New Cooking Show

By | 31 Comments

Wait, what? John Cena has a cooking show? You bet, and he makes Gene Snitsky look like a master chef.


Allow Adult Swim’s ‘Smart Pipe’ To Turn Your Poop Into Useful Information

By | 7 Comments

Adult Swim's latest mock infomercial wonders what the world would be like if our waste could contribute to our social media accounts.


Jaboody Dubs’ New Infomercial Lip Dub Is Brutal And Foul-Mouthed Hilarity

By | 7 Comments

The same cheeky bastard behind the absurd Guy Fieri lip dub is back with another foul-mouthed infomercial dub for the Smart Mop™.


Infomercial King Kevin Trudeau Will Be Revealing Secrets Behind Bars For The Next Ten Years

By | 6 Comments

The infomercial mainstay and master of making people pay $39 for ideas they can find for free online is heading to prison for a long time.

vince offer

Vince Offer (The ShamWow Guy) Is Planning His Big Comeback

By | 17 Comments

With a new kitchen cleaner called "InVinceable," Vince the Shamwow guy is hoping we'll all forget about that whole prostitute mess.


Video Surfaces Of Patton Oswalt’s First Acting Gig In A Student Loan Infomercial

By | 3 Comments

Patton Oswalt's first acting gig was a student loan infomercial in 1990. Now the video has finally surfaced.


Enjoy a Phallic Breakfast with This Gross Egg Dildo Thing

By | 22 Comments

Infomercials are comically stupid and this is common knowledge, but the Rollie Eggmaster Colon goes a little too far for me.


Rib Stain Camo


Make a mess without looking like one.


Meme Watch: Let’s Celebrate The Inauguration With The Best Of The ‘Thanks Obama!’ GIFs

By | 17 Comments

Barack Obama is being inaugurated today, which makes this a perfect time to sarcastically thank him for all the things that are totally his fault, like the harrowing incident pictured above.


The 2012 “As Seen on TV” Gift Guide


Jimmy Kimmel runs down the year's "best" late night infomercial products in case you need to buy a last minute gift for someone you hate.

This ‘Every Infomercial Ever’ Parody Video Is Pretty Damn Spot-On


Unless you've been paying attention, you likely never noticed that just about every informercial follows the same formula. Watch and be amazed!


This Is A Fantastic Collection Of GIFs Featuring Idiots From Infomercials

By | 14 Comments

All your favorites are here: black guy dancing to the radio, white woman spilling soda all over her family, AND MORE.


Every Infomercial Ever


Every terrible infomercial that has ever pushed a crappy product, summed up in one parody video by Jeff Wysaski.


IMPORTANT: The 2012 Gathering Of The Juggalos Infomercial Is Out

By | 18 Comments

The infomercial for the 2012 Gathering of the Juggalos was released on Friday, because OF COURSE it would be released on Friday the 13th, and it is 23 minutes of joyously random insanity.


Dogs Going For A Ride, Ba'Noodle, And Links


Meme Watch: Mean Dog Is Escalating His Car Chases |UPROXX| The Best Of #The Royal Tenenbaums |UPROXX| About that Time ‘Mad Men’s’ Jessica Pare Made Out with Piper Perabo |Warming Glow| Dear Sports Teams, Enough With The ‘Call Me Maybe’ Covers Already |With [...].


Freedom, Sarah Jessica Parker, And The Greatest Re-Dub Ever


The Washed Ferrari Scale: Rating Michael Bay’s Leading Ladies |Film Drunk| Olivia Wilde’s British GQ Comedy Issue Trailer Appearance Has Not Gone Unnoticed By The Internet |UPROXX| UPROXX ‘Archer’ Open Thread: ‘Crossing Over’ With Animation Director Bryan Fordney |UPROXX| Important News: What Ben [...].

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