John Cena

So Here’s The Actual Reason John Cena’s Eye Is Pink As Hell

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Want to know why John Cena's eye's been weird the last two Raws? Here's an explanation.


In Case You Missed It, Jeff Hardy Fell Off A Damn Cage This Weekend

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Jeff Hardy fell off a cage at Sunday's TNA taping, and it's bad news until you look a little closer.

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Bray Wyatt Was Maybe Or Maybe Not Seriously Injured After Raw Last Night

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Bray Wyatt may have gotten hospitalized and seriously injured after Monday Night RAW went off the air.


Ryback’s Latest Comments On CM Punk Make A Lot Of Sense And Don’t Involve Action Figures

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Ryback was interviewed by The Franchise 107.7 Sports Radio and commented on CM Punk's accusation that he broke Punk's ribs on purpose.


So AJ Styles Almost Killed Another Guy With A Styles Clash This Weekend

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AJ Styles almost added legend Satoshi Kojima to his list of broken necks with another botched Styles Clash in Japan over the weekend.


Here’s Former WWE Star Yoshi Tatsu Getting His Neck Broken By A Styles Clash

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Former WWE star Yoshi Tatsu returned to Japan only to get his neck broken by an AJ Styles Styles Clash. Here's the move, and it's gross.

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Ethan Carter III Has Been Sidelined By Injury, And Sadly It’s Not Just A Bruised Ego

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Uh oh! Looks like Ethan Carter III's bicep is in trouble trouble trouble trouble trouble trouble trouble.


Here Are The Ugly Details Of The Chicago Bears’ Locker Room Fight

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The Chicago Bears Are Fighting In House, Fighting With Fans, And Injured. Other Than That, Everything Is Fine.

Daniel Bryan

Here’s The Latest Daniel Bryan Health Update And, Spoiler Alert, It’s Pretty Depressing

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According to talk from talent backstage at Monday's Raw, Daniel Bryan's not getting strength back and may be getting another major surgery.


Ryback’s Thank You Message From The Hospital Is The New ‘David After Dentist’

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Ryback's injured, we guess, and issuing a thank you message for the WWE Universe from his hospital bed. It's ... weird.

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan Is Returning To The Ring In November, But Don’t Get Too Excited

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WWE is advertising Daniel Bryan for their November European tour, so ... what does that mean, exactly?

DEAN AMBROSE Reports Dean Ambrose Is ‘Missing’ And ‘Significantly Injured’

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According to the WWE, Dean Ambrose has disappeared for totally real wrestling-related reasons.

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I’m Afraid I’ve Got Some News That Isn’t Very Good About Bad News Barrett

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WWE's Bad News Barrett suffered a shoulder injury at Tuesday's Smackdown tapings and will miss Sunday's Money in the Bank PPV. Hashtag BNB.


Harrison Ford Was Injured On The Set Of Star Wars VII

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Harrison Ford was injured on the set of Star Wars Episode VII. Will the movie be okay??


Even The Derrick Rose Action Figures Have Given Up Hope

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The latest plastic likeness of Derrick Rose comes with a LEG ASSEMBLY REQUIRED disclaimer. Well played, action figure.

the price is right

Judy From ‘The Price Is Right’ Is A Warrior


Judy, a contestant on today's episode of "The Price Is Right," injured her ankle spinning the wheel and did the Showcase Showdown on crutches. Judy goes hard.


MMA’s Mr. Glass, Dominick Cruz is Injured. Again.


Oft-injured MMA fighter Dominick Cruz is -- get this -- injured again. He should've known. The kids called him 'Mr. Glass.'


The World Reacted To The Anderson Silva Leg Break With A Lot Of Screaming And Face-Covering

By | 5 Comments

A bunch of MMA fans (including Ronda Rousey) are seen here reacting in face-covering horror to the Anderson Silva leg break.


The Crash Reel’s Extreme Sports Injuries Compilation Is 3 Minutes Of Nightmare Fuel

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Three minutes of extreme sports injuries footage from the documentary 'The Crash Reel' might change how you see extreme sports forever.

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