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Alabama’s Dynasty Is Not Done, According To Paul Finebaum’s Angriest Caller

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Phyllis from Mulga is back to rage on Colin Cowherd and Paul Finebaum again, following the Crimson Tide's loss to Ole Miss.


A Man Killed The Lead Singer Of A Black Metal Band Because He ‘Tarnished Satanism’

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After he stabbed the singer of the black metal band Surrender of Divinity 30 times, a man claimed that he did it because his victim wasn't a real satanist.


Channing Tatum’s Fans Really Want Him To Play Christian Grey Now

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Channing Tatum posted the above image to his Facebook page on Saturday with a very important message for his most rabid fans: One strapin', two strapin', I'm strapin' up after 14 years.


Here’s The Strangest NSFW Knicks Fan Rant You’ll Listen To This Week

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It shouldn’t really surprise anyone that the Indiana Pacers are in the position to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals tonight, as they’re the No.


Hugh Jackman’s stalker threw an electric shaver full of her pubes at him

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When you write about movie stars and celebrities for a living like I do, you start to get a feel for which of them have the craziest fans.


GQ Sent A Reporter To Hang Out With Female Raider Fans, And I’m In Love

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If you can get past that whole “They’ll stab you if you look at them wrong” vibe that they carry so well, Oakland Raiders fans are a pretty fascinating bunch.

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