The Fastest Rising Name For Baby Boys In 2014? Hint: It’s In The Danger Zone.

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Nameberry has released its Top 100 baby names for boys and girls through the halfway point of 2014, and pop culture is running wild.


A Milwaukee Woman Has Been Charged With Attacking A Boy With ‘Dodgeball Rage’

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A Milwaukee mom is being charged after she was accused of encouraging other kids to hit a boy in the face with dodgeballs at a party.


A Dad Let His 6-Year Old Son Take The Handles On His Harley On An Open Road

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This video of a 'cool' dad letting his 6-year old son take the handles on his Harley-Davidson is sure to spark some heated debate.


One Mom Is Very Upset With Selena Gomez’s Performance In ‘Spring Breakers’

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An outraged mom claims her two kids were scarred for life when they easily switched from a 'Fireman Sam' video to 'Spring Breakers' on Amazon Instant Video.


New Jersey’s Most Fertile Neo-Nazi Is Upset That The State Took His Daughter Away

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Heath Campbell, the New Jersey Neo-Nazi who named one of his kids Adolph Hitler, is mad that the state took away his newborn daughter, Eva Braun.


Hockey Parents Continue To Be The Worst People Alive

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While it’s no secret that parents of children who play sports may be the worst people in the history of this world or any other, those involved with youth hockey have been making a considerable push as of late to secure the title of Absolute Supreme Biggest A-Holes Parents Ever.


Morning Links: Remind Me To Never Have Parents Or Do Gymnastics


US gymnast Aly Raisman qualified for the Womens All-Around final.


This Cheerleader’s Mom Seems Rational

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This past Saturday, the first annual Louisiana High School Athletic Association Cheer and Dance Competition was held in Lake Charles, LA and I can only assume that the spirit fingers were in full effect.

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