Popek Rak Is Back And Still Slicing Off Entire Sections Of His Own Face

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MMA fighter, rapper and noted lunatic Popek Rak is back with another scarification video, this time adding symmetry to his face with an x-acto knife. Eesh.


Finally, Metta World Peace Has A Web Series

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Totally sane and normal basketball star Metta World Peace has a new web series called Metta's World, where he asks the Knicks about toes and haircuts.


Reminder: The Guy In The Infiniti Snowball Commercials Is A Complete Psychopath

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This holiday season, please remember that the guy in those Infiniti Snowball commercials is a dangerous lunatic who has no regard for human life.


Reality TV Star Thinks 'Parks And Recreation' Caused The Poehler/Arnett Split

By | 23 Comments

Patty Stanger, the single lady, would like to tell Amy Poehler what a bitch she is for being successful.


Did You Know: Tom Cruise Might Be Insane

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Hold on to your tin foil hats and put some microscopic seatbelts on your thetans, because a new whistleblower is telling some tall tales about Tom Cruise and the church of Scientology.

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