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Here’s What Robin Williams Hoped God Would Say To Him In Heaven

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During a 2001 appearance on Inside The Actor's Studio, Robin Williams told James Lipton what he hoped God would say to him in heaven.

#Robin Williams

Conan O’Brien And Will Arnett React To Robin Williams’ Death During Show Taping

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Conan O'Brien was taping last night's episode when the news of Robin Williams' death broke. Watch their reaction and a classic video here.


Louis C.K. Mocks Bradley Cooper Without Realizing He's Done So

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Louis C.K. calls out the wannabe-actors who ask dumb questions to famous people, including Bradley Cooper.

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What’s On Tonight: ‘Arrested Development’ Goes Inside The Actors Studio

By | 11 Comments

The best (and worst) of what's on tonight, including the "Arrested Development" cast on "Inside the Actors Studio."


The ‘Inside The Actors Studio’ Where Dave Chappelle Interviews James Lipton Is Now Online

By | 9 Comments

In case you never saw this episode, Dave Chappelle and James Lipton's chemistry is amazing.


James Lipton Was Apparently A Pimp

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In a new interview with Parade, Inside the Actors Studio host James Lipton opened up about the year that he worked as a pimp in a Parisian bordello.


Tina Fey Revisits Her Sarah Palin Impression


Tina Fey revives her Sarah Palin character for James Lipton on Inside The Actor's Studio.


Tina Fey Revived Her Sarah Palin Impression On ‘Actors Studio’ (And The Morning Links)


Hear Tina Fey bring back her Sarah Palin impression, and the rest of the Morning Links.


WATCH: Young, Pre-Fame Brad Cooper asks Sean Penn for acting advice

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These days, Brad Cooper is a world-famous, preposterously handsome actor nominated for best actor at this Sunday's Oscars for his work running around in a garbage bag in Silver Linings Playbook.


Inside The Actor’s Studio: The Remix


A musical tribute to James Lipton's "10 Questions" (and the unoriginal answers they sometimes generate).


Inside the Actors Studio Remix: Da reeeeemix

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You know how you always suspected that actors all give the same lame, uncreative answers in interviews.

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James Franco Watched a Male Prostitute Bang a Dude to Prepare for Role

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James Franco takes acting seriously, and being a serious actor requires proving your commitment to the craft by doing things like gaining or losing 60 pounds, shaving off your eyebrows to play a cancer patient, or most importantly, research.


Danny DeVito plays Ghandi in David Mamet-directed Actors Studio parody

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Here's Danny DeVito playing Ghandi in an Inside the Actors Studio-parody Funny or Die video directed by Pulitzer-winning writer/director/playwright David Mamet.



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Head-spinning fact of the day: James Lipton composed the theme to "Thundercats.



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Judd Apatow recently filmed an episode of Inside the Actor's Studio that airs tonight, in which he shows up looking all clean cut like a 6th grader on picture day while James Lipton is his usual eccentric, sycophantic self.

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