Former WWE Star Marc Mero’s Inspirational Speech To Middle Schoolers Is The Most Emotional Thing You’ll Watch Today

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Former WCW and WWE star Marc Mero gave an inspirational speech to middle schoolers, and oh God, somebody's cutting onions in here.


Brace Yourself For A New Year With Werner Herzog Inspirationals

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Get ready for another year's march towards the heat death of the universe with everyone's fatalistic grandpa, Werner Herzog.


This Stray Dog Followed An Extreme Hiking Team On An Epic 430 Mile Trek Across Ecuador

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Here's the inspirational story of a dog who followed an extreme hiking team across three geographical regions of Educator.


This Mashup Of Space Movies Is Oddly Inspiring


Want to feel optimistic about humanity? Here's a mashup for you.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

Mike Tyson Has Offered His Own World Cup Pep Talk For America Today


Step aside, Hulk Hogan, because Mike Tyson is here to fire up Americans before today's big World Cup match against Belgium.


An 8th Grade Wrestler Is Carrying His Little Brother 40 Miles To U-M To Raise Awareness For Cerebral Palsy

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An 8th grader is set to carry his little brother 40 miles from his hometown to the University of Michigan to help raise awareness for CP.


A Double-Amputee Kid Got A Chance To Run The Citi Field Bases With David Wright And It Is EMOTIONS

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James Lozano, a 16-year old double amputee Mets fan, got a surprise from David Wright and ran the bases at Citi Field. MY EMOTIONS.


A Florida Woman Lost 130 Pounds And Got A Job At Hooters Because Some Drunk Dude Made Fun Of Her

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After a guy made fun of her for wearing a Hooters shirt, a Florida girl lost 130-pounds and almost a year later, she is working at Hooters.


Stop Everything And Check Out Jorge Dyksen, Badass Quadruple Amputee Soccer Player


Jorge Dyksen is a regular high school kid who also happens to be a quadruple amputee soccer player. Here's his story.


A Wrestler's Gesture Of Sportsmanship To His Opponent's Dying Father Will Touch Your Heart

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Malik Stewart lost his 120-pound state championship match, but earned fans for his gesture of sportsmanship to his opponent's father, a man with cancer.


A Teen With Terminal Cancer Used Her Make-A-Wish Request On A New Scoreboard For Her School

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When the Make-A-Wish Foundation tried to fulfill a young Utah girl's wish, she used it to get her school's basketball team a new scoreboard.


A Surfing Dog Granted A Wish For A 15-Year Old With Brain Cancer And Whoops We’re Sobbing

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Ricochet the surfing dog granted a wish to a 15-year old with brain cancer, and here's video of them surfing together and oh my god we're sobbing.


Video Of The Year Nominee: A High School Senior With Down Syndrome Drains Four 3-Pointers

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The Bensalem High School basketball team let a boy with Down syndrome play and he drained some three-pointers while the crowd went crazy.


Parents Of Recently Deceased 12-Year-Old Girl Find Inspirational Letter She Wrote To Her Future Self

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Taylor Smith is living on through a letter she wrote to her future self, one that contained invaluable wisdom just when her family needed it most.


An Elderly Australian Couple Ran A Marathon. Every Day. For An Entire Year.

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An Australian couple in their 60s spent 2013 running a marathon. A marathon every single day for the entire year. THEY ARE IN THEIR SIXTIES YOU GUYS.


This Heartwarming Father/Son Reunion During A Football Game Introduced Us To The World’s Worst Person

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Master Sergeant Joseph Martel dressed up as a football player to surprise his son on the field, and some jerk starts yelling at them for it. HUMANITY.

viral video

What Would You Do With $25,000?


20th Century Fox gave Casey Neistat $25,000 to promote The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.


Carlos Ruiz (And The Phillie Phanatic) Surprised A 6-Year Old Leukemia Patient

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Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiez and the Phillie Phanatic showed up to surprise a 6-year old with Leukemia during his honorary fireman ceremony. TEARS.

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