A 5-Year Old Meningitis Survivor Got State-of-the-art Running Blades (And They’re Power Rangers-Themed)

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A 5-year old Meningitis survivor got a pair of state-of-the-art running blades to help him walk, and they're Power Rangers-themed.


Update: Inspirational Oklahoma 10-Year Old Tobias Bass And His Disabled Brother Finished Their 5K

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In an update to an earlier story, inspirational 10-year old Oklahoma boy Tobias Bass and his disabled brother Titus ran in and finished their 5K.


An Oklahoma Boy Wanted His Disabled Brother To Run A 5K With Him, So He Sought Help From Local News

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Oklahoma boy Tobias Bass reached out to his local news team to help find a jogger pusher so his big brother with cerebral palsy could run with him in a 5K.


A Georgia High Schooler Wrestled A Kid With Down Syndrome And Became Our New Hero

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A Georgia high school wrestling star faced off against a competitor with Down Syndrome, won a sportsmanship award and became my personal hero.


16-Year Old Shae Stelly Has Muscular Dystrophy & Scored As Many TDs This Week As Arian Foster

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Shae Stelly, a 16-year old with muscular dystrophy, ran in a touchdown for his high school team this week.


A Man With No Arms Threw Out The First Pitch In Baltimore (Like A Boss)

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This week, With Leather has featured a lot of embarrassing attempts at the ceremonial first pitch.


Drew Bonner Took An AB In A Wheelchair, Drew A Walk

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Yesterday, during a story about an 8-year old kid with cancer running in a touchdown for East Carolina University, we called for the worldwide spread of the "sports teams being nice to kids" meme.


Meet George Holscher, Perfect Game Bowler


Here's a story that will either make you feel wonder at the power of the human spirit, or terrible about yourself because you are fat and lazy and can't accomplish anything with a working everything: 48-year old George Holscher of Chesapeake, Virginia, bowled a perfect game.


Manuel De Los Santos Is Here To Make You Feel Even Worse About Your Golf Game

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I have a dream that I don’t really share with anyone because it’s stupid and will never happen, but one day I would love to play in a celebrity pro-am golf tournament with Bill Murray.


Adam Greenberg Isn’t Moonlight Graham, But He’s Close


You will read this line in every Adam Greenberg story, including this one.


Inspirational Soccer Story Slash Facebook Advertisement Of The Day: Daniel Cui


Sandwiched between Gangnam Style parodies on The Daily What is the inspirational story of high school goalkeeper Daniel Cui, a kid who turned soccer futility into 10th grade popularity, and eventually into an advertisement about how Facebook changes peoples' lives.


MLB Sign Of The Year: I Skipped Chemo To See Chipper

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This is one of the best (and certainly one of the most inspiring) fan signs from an MLB game this season -- a woman who skipped chemo therapy to see Chipper Jones during one of his final appearances at Turner Field.

tim tebow

Meet Jacob Rainey, High School Football’s Amputee Quarterback


Last December, Woodberry Forest School quarterback and college prospect Jacob Rainey made the news when his career was (we assumed) tragically cut short by a mishap on the playing field.


As Snarky As We Get, Don't Forget That Sportsmanship Is Awesome

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After years of the 'Florida Or Ohio?' game making criminals and ridiculous people easy to geographically identify, it looks like the people of Ohio are getting it together -- on the heels of the most inspiring Ohio elementary school field day of all time comes the story of West Liberty-Salem High junior Meghan Vogel, a state champion in the 1,600 meters who turned her burned-out 3,200 meters performance into the best acts of sportsmanship you're likely to see.


Tearjerking Story Of The Day: Matt Finishes His Run At Field Day

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oh good, I needed to sob uncontrollably for the entire afternoon By way of The Daily What comes this video of Matt, a kid at Colonial Hills Elementary School in Ohio.


Lily’s National Anthem

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My job as a sports blogger is to be snarky and judgmental about everything, but earlier today I posted a video of a grateful kid being happy about baseball so I might not have any idea what I'm doing.

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