The Ashtray

TSS Presents DJ Burn One – The Ashtray

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While the rapper is the face of the Hip-Hop, the producer remains the behind-the-scenes driving force, the puppet master if you will.


Diamond District – In The Ruff Instrumentals

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<a href=""> <a href="">Mello Music Group</a> stays winning.


Kleph Dollaz – “Back In The 6th Grade”

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<a href=""> What's with producers focusing on everything except producing nowadays? Don't they know they're the backbone of the Hip-Hop nucleus? Can't they see that they're not Kanye? A little more honing your craft and less red carpet posing would go a long way for the greater good of the music but whatever. <a href="">Kleph Dollaz</a> isn't one of those guys to break up buds on his MPC.

The Element Of Freedom

“If You Ask Me I’m Ready…”

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<a href="">Alicia's</a> on the road to releasing every individual song as a single, but this.

Rob Viktum

Rob Viktum – “Exhibit C” (Remix) Instrumental

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We've been unapologetically ignoring the countless "Exhibit C" freestyles so just fuhgeddaboudit if you still plan on recording one.


“Suspended In Time…”

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In '95, DJ Premier managed to capture lightning in a bottle for the release of Livin' Proof.


Kleph Dollaz – Nostalgia

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In lieu of the instrumentals we've been dousing you with comes a truly original piece of history by Kleph Dollaz.


Dear Sherm…

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For those who don't know, <a href="">Sherm</a> is <a href="">a drunk, angry Twitterer</a>.


Blu – NoSleepForADay

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Hey Blu, thanks for <a href="">dropping off this instrumental tape</a>.

Step Inside The Arena

“Step Inside My Arena…”

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Yes, that scratched chorus gets a (||) in '09.

Wu Tang Meets The Indie Culture

Think Differently Music-Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture Instrumentals

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Provide your own rhymes, haiku's & thoughts over the instrumentals from one of Think Differently's most well-known, well-received releases.

We Got Now

It’s A 6th Sense Post Yo!

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Photo By Robert Adam Mayer If you find yourself vibin' to the sounds of <a href="">U-N-I's Before There Was Love </a>or the ever popular <a href="">Viva La Hova</a>, chances are 6th Sense was one of the catalysts.

#Kanye West

“The Coldest Winter…”

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It was only a matter of time before the snow came.

White Van Music

“Great Sound” – Review Of Jake One’s White Van Music

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Jake One is a producer that harkens back to earlier days before multi-millionaire, beatmakers took over Hip-Hop.


DJ Premier – Beats That Collected Dust Vol. 1-Vinyl-2008

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For you aspiring rappers or those of you looking for silent music to pair with your time @ the gym, here's a collection of instrumentals by Premo.


Dr. Dre – Instrumental World V.38

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Found this one while lurking around <a href="">OKP</a>.

The War Report

“Iraq, See The World…”

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With the holiday weekend, yesterday felt like Monday.

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