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PBS’ Game/Show Argues Mario Will Be Around In 2525


'Game/Show' is PBS' new websites about games and the cultural forces that drive them. Their first episode? How Mario will outlive us all.


Ronald D. Moore Is Back With A New Show, ‘Helix’


Ronald D. Moore is returning to SyFy with 'Helix', and the concept will sound a little... familiar.

political bias

Bing’s ‘Political Bias’ Filter Is Actually Pretty Interesting

Bing is apparently also the sound of a B.S. detector.


Valve Going Full Steam Ahead On Linux


Steam is coming to Linux... but will third parties come with it?


"Deep" Uses The Source Engine To Make a Movie

Computer animation is popular, but it's also expensive and it's a huge pain in the ass.


Indie Game ‘Fez’ Drives Fans Crazy With Insanely Complicated Puzzle

Puzzles, for a certain kind of person, are a fun but maddening exercise, especially insanely complicated ones.


"Revival" Is the First Zombie Comic In A While That Might Be Worth Reading

Ever since "The Walking Dead" became a hit, and then was turned into one of the highest-rated scripted series currently on the air, comics publishers have been chasing that undead gold to painfully mixed results.


Apple And Netflix Become Streaming Video Transformer

Well, this is interesting: buried in Apple's largely expected and kinda boring iPad presentation, it was revealed that Netflix can now be paid for via iTunes.


The Appendix Might Actually Have a Use?

The appendix is probably the most famous vestigial organ, if for no other reason than inevitably the thing gets infected and out it has to come.

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