Astronaut Terry Virts Paid Tribute To Leonard Nimoy From The International Space Station

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On Saturday morning, Virts gave the planet Earth the Vulcan salute while in orbit.


The Future Is Now Because NASA Just Emailed A Wrench Into Space

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NASA emailed the designs to the International Space Station, which then made it using the onboard 3D printer. THE FUTURE IS NIGH.


An Unmanned Rocket Exploded At A NASA Launch Site In Virginia

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A rocket carrying supplies to the International Space Station exploded six seconds after launch at NASA's Wallops Flight Facility.


American Astronaut Reid Wiseman Continues To Dazzle Us With Vines From Space

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When Astronaut Reid Wiseman isn't doing all that science stuff on the International Space Station, he's sending amazing Vine's to Earth.

#Star Trek

KAHLESS BE PRAISED! This Klingon ISS Mission Patch Is Pretty Badass

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ISS Commander Steve Swanson designed an excellent tribute to Star Trek to take in to space.


The Sun Never Sets On The First Vine From Space


The first Vine from space shows the unusual way the sun moves around the International Space Station.


Video: A Female Astronaut Teaches Us How To Wash Our Hair In Outer Space


International Space Station astronaut Karen Nyberg posted a video explaining how she washes her hair in outer space with no gravity.


Cosmonauts Perform Spacewalk Outside ISS


Footage of Russian cosmonauts readying the International Space Station for a new module.


Guess Which ‘Portal 2′ Character Is Going To SPAAAACE

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An anonymous NASA engineer sneaked an engraving of a 'Portal 2' character onto a panel now en route to the International Space Station. SPAAAACE.

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