The New Kid Is Learning On The Job In The International Trailer For ‘Fury’

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Brad Pitt's Wardaddy is keeping his 'family' and 'home' safe from Germans in the new in the new international trailer for 'Fury.'


Benicio Del Toro Is Still Menacing And Hairy In The New ‘Escobar: Paradise Lost’ Trailer

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Benicio Del Toro is earning rave reviews for his role as the legendary drug lord in 'Escobar: Paradise Lost.'

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Kim Jong-Un Won’t Be Happy About The International Trailer For ‘The Interview’

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The new international trailer for 'The Interview' is packed with a little more action, as James Franco and Seth Rogen battle North Korea.

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Universal Bumped Up The Release Of ‘Lucy,’ Scarlett Johansson’s Crazy Crank Movie

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Either because 'Hercules' looks weak or 'Guardians of the Galaxy' will be so dominant, Universal went ahead and pushed 'Lucy' up two weeks.


Zac Efron And Seth Rogen Have A Dildo Fight In The New Red Band Trailer For ‘Neighbors’

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The red band trailer for 'Neighbors' reveals a much raunchier comedy, as Seth Rogen and Zac Efron wage a prank war against each other.


Here’s The International Trailer For ‘The Raid 2: Berandal’

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Iko Uwais returns as Rawa in 'The Raid 2: Berandal,' the sequel to the acclaimed action thriller 'The Raid: Redemption.'

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Michael Fassbender Is Screwed In The International Trailer For ‘The Counselor’

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In case you were wondering, Ridley Scott’s and Cormac McCarthy’s The Counselor still looks pretty ridiculously amazing.


‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Has A New International Trailer

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It seemed like only yesterday that Katniss and Peeta were defeating the odds – and a bunch of other young people trying to brutally murder them – by becoming the first people to win the Hunger Games tournament as a pair.


January Jones Is One Pissed Off Gunslinger In The New ‘Sweetwater’ Trailer

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Invoking the mid-90s Old West GRRRRRRRL POWER of Bad Girls and The Quick and the Dead, January Jones is trying her steady hand as a widowed gunslinger in Sweetwater (AKA Sweet Vengeance, depending on which country you're in).


'Kid's Police' Trailer Has Everything You Could Ask For, Well, Besides Boobs… That Would Be Weird (Morning Links)

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[via Twitch] MORNING LINKS The Coen Bros Are Writing Angelina Jolie’s Directorial Follow-Up |Film Drunk| Arrested Development’s 15 Greatest Sports Moments |With Leather| Cobra would like to tease cats before taking them out.

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'GI Joe: Retaliation' Has A New Trailer With Convenient Use Of Channing Tatum

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The other day I was passing time between power squat sets by watching the last season of Workaholics, and I completely forgot that in the episode that Anders’ dad comes to visit, the lovable f*cked up trio has tickets to go see GI Joe: Retaliation.


‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Has A New International Trailer, Still Looks Amazing

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Wreck-It Ralph tells the story of a video game villain who finally grows tired of being the bad guy and wants to be popular.


‘Life Of Pi’ Has A New International Trailer

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While I’ve never read it, I have heard great things about Yann “The Model” Martel’s 2001 novel, Life of Pi.


Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter: Now with EVEN MORE VAMPIRE HUNTING!

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Hot on the heels of the domestic trailer that came out yesterday, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter now has an international trailer.

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