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A Late Entrant In The Dumbest Facebook Argument Of 2013: What's A "Real" Christmas Movie?

By | 25 Comments

Christmas movies are now the subject of debate, because, apparently, Facebook makes us stupid.


‘Pacific Rim’ Has Triggered A Fight Over The Bechdel Test

By | 28 Comments

'Pacific Rim' has, somehow, triggered an argument about the Bechdel Test.


Meet Suburban Express, The Bus Line Fighting A War With Reddit Over Negative Comments

By | 7 Comments

Suburban Express is just another Illinois bus line... except it's suing Reddit to try and shut it up.

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Another Constructive "Mass Effect 3" Protest: This Time With Cupcakes


We'll give the complaining over "Mass Effect 3"'s ending this, at least: unlike most entitled whining, some genuine good has come out of it.

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Whining Over "Mass Effect 3"'s Ending Does Some Actual Good

By | 4 Comments

Usually, protests like the ones over "Mass Effect 3"'s ending just turn out to be embarrassing, making gamers look whiny and entitled.

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