In Today’s Strange News: A Turquoise Colored Cat Is Roaming The Streets Of Bulgaria

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Residents in Varna, Bulgaria are on the lookout for an elusive street cat who's somehow managed to turn himself green.


R.I.P. Colonel Meow, Your Minions Shall Remember You Always

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It was announced today via Facebook that Colonel Meow, one of the world's greatest cats, has passed away. An Internet mourns.


Chris Parnell Is Leading The Fight Against Cat Boredom

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I usually defer to Robo on a hard-hitting feline topics but seeing as how I regularly celebrate all things Cyril Figgis and Dr. Leo Spaceman and firmly believe if corporations knew what they were doing Chris Parnell would be the spokesperson for everything, I'll be the one sharing his new PSA on Cat Boredom (AKA CB).


Famous Internet Cat Maru Has A Book Coming Out

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When I first caught wind of Japanese web feline juggernaut Maru -- the undisputed king of all the internet cats -- in 2007, I thought he was just another internet cat.

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