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Meet The DudeBro Who Infiltrated Thought Catalog And Is Posting Fake Feminist Articles (UPDATE)

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A bodybuilding forum user is responsible for an alter ego which he's using to write fake feminist articles. Great potential; terrible execution.

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‘Weeds’ Star Mary-Louise Parker Might Quit Acting Because Of You

By | 44 Comments

In a recent interview, "Weeds" star Mary-Louise Parker said she may quit acting because she's tired of all the "bitchiness" on the Internet.


A Guide To The Biggest Troll On The Internet And The Reddit Vs. Gawker War

By | 23 Comments

It's getting ugly, it's getting heated, it's getting perverted, and it's getting good.


4Chan Is Sending Taylor Swift To Sing On The Campus Of A School For The Deaf

By | 8 Comments

Last we checked in on the ridiculously organized trolling activities at 4Chan they were naming Mountain Dew's new flavor, "Diabeetus."

charles carreon

The Insane Oatmeal Lawsuit: An Update

By | 3 Comments

When we last left this case, which had started as something pathetic and rocketed straight into the ridiculous and insane, Charles Carreon was trying <a href="">to sue people on Twitter</a> for making fun of him for <a href="">filing a crazy lawsuit against the Oatmeal</a>.

Hilarious Infographic Of The Day: The Life Of An Internet Troll

By | 2 Comments

In a couple of past internet writing gigs, I worked for media companies that had massive audiences, so, as one might reasonably expect, I received tons of email from readers, a good bit of which came from internet trolls (You know who you are, trolls.

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