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What Is The Heartbleed Bug? Allow Us To Explain It For You.

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Heartbleed is a new bug on the Internet, but what's going on, and what can you do? Here's an explanation.

Fiber Internet

Los Angeles Is Trying To Outdo Google By Bringing Free Internet To The Masses

By | 2 Comments

Los Angeles is rolling out proposals to expand free high speed fiber internet connections to all 3.5 million residents and business within city limits.


The NSA Can Get Around Most Web Encryption Because Of Course It Can

By | 2 Comments

The NSA has the decryption tools for pretty much any basic kind of web security. Because of course they do.


Ohio Bans Internet Cafes Out Of Fear That People Might Gamble In Them

By | 11 Comments

Ohio is a lovely state but there seems to be some confusion over what an Internet cafe actually is.


Why The Last Thing Big-Box Stores Want Is An Internet Sales Tax

By | 7 Comments

The Senate is close to passing an internet sales tax bill, supported by your friendly "local" big-box store. But they should be against it. Here's why.


The First Honest Cable Company


Your Local High Speed Internet & Cable Provider gives it to you straight.

domain names

Amazon, Pinterest Disputing Who Owns The Rights To “Pin”

By | 2 Comments

Amazon and Pinterest are at loggerheads over a domain really neither of them should own.


HBO’s Brilliantly Using ‘Game Of Thrones’ To Suck Up The Tech World

By | 5 Comments

HBO's opinion of the Internet has shifting drastically, now that they know how much money is in it.


A World Without Internet


A world without Internet would be a truly horrible place.


Internet Party!


This is why nobody gets anything done on the web.

i see this ending in fire

The ‘Six Strikes’ Anti-Piracy Plan Is Apparently Kicking In Today

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Today, the RIAA and MPAA will be assuming direct control of the Intertubes. There's absolutely no way this won't be funny.


A Mess of Memes


Ever wonder where all those crazy Internet memes come from.

This 1995 Internet PSA Is Shockingly Prophetic


Every now and then a video from the past will emerge that in some way predicts what the future -- which for us is now -- will look like with the internet as part of our everyday lives. This one from 1995 basically predicted my entire life at present accurately, right down to using the web for finding cat food cupcake recipes.


The Government Wants to Drastically Improve Your WiFi


Your WiFi will suck less soon once the government starts sharing its toys.

civil rights

Europe Wants to Tax the Internet. Again.

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<a href=""></a>You know, eventually somebody is going to have to explain to Europe that data is not a fixed resource.

civil rights

EU Angry At Germany For Refusing To Spy On Its Citizens


<a href=""></a>In 2006 the European Union decided it had enough of the US being the only country out to destroy privacy completely and passed a resolution requiring all its member countries to pass laws requiring that their ISPs retain every email, phone conversation, and related piece of data -- in other words anything people might use to communicate -- for all eternity.


America's Internet Sucks So Much, Even Libertarians Are Complaining

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<a href=""></a>We don't mean to tease libertarians, but it's just so easy when they automatically default to "the free market solves everything.

hey it shut up somebody who deserves it for once

Whoops! Iran's Web Filters Accidentally Censor The Ayatollah

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<a href=""></a>Iran's attempts to create a "halal" Internet <a href="">have hit new heights of irony</a>.


Why The Internet Making Us More Callous Is a Good Thing

By | 8 Comments

You hear it a lot: people on the Internet are mean.

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